Younapi Explores a Magical Forest in the MV for “été”

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Younapi Explores a Magical Forest in the MV for “été”

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Younapi from Yurumerumo! has revealed the MV for “été” from her sold out first solo single “Return to My Innocence” (release date: November 9, 2015)!

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The MV has Younapi in a vintage white dress walking through a forest and communing with nature. Several images that vaguely resemble her illustrations fade in and out of sight. A pink star-like object glows in the distance, resting in Younapi’s hands before floating out into the night sky. “été” was composed and arranged by Kazuma Hashida from Hakoniwa no Shitsunaigaku with lyrics by Ai Kobayashi. The MV was directed by Nozomi Koyasu and Shun Abe with editorial supervision by Younapi.

“Return to My Innocence” was composed and arranged by Junet Kobayashi (THE DHOLE, ex-TAMTAM) with lyrics by Ai Kobayashi. The other song on the single “Daisuki” which was also composed by Junet Kobayashi, features lyrics by Younapi.

Younapi designed the jacket for the single, wearing an outfit from the Harajuku antique shop marienkafer, where she held a solo art exhibition in September. The back cover features an illustration by mangaka kirisu, who is currently serialized in the Gekkan Comic Blade series meguraba.

Even though the single has sold-out, more copies are being produced so don’t wait this time!

Track List

01 Return to My Innocence
02 Daisuki
03 été

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