Solitude and Counterattack: You’ll Melt More! TSUTAYA O-EAST Live Report

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Solitude and Counterattack: You’ll Melt More! TSUTAYA O-EAST Live Report

Photo by Soutaro Goto(後藤壮太郎)

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You’ll Melt More! (Yurumerumo!) took another big step forward as the Tokyo stop of their Kodoku to Gyakushu 〜Teehen da! Teihen da〜 Tour in support of their EP “Kodoku to Gyakushu” (release date: March 15) brought them to TSUTAYA O-EAST on March 26, 2017!


Taking the stage in black and fluorescent green outfits, You’ll Melt More! rushed out onto the stage under the cover of flashing red and white lights, firing up the crowd with the aggressive “id Idol”, weaving and headbanging wildly. Turning up the pressure, You’ll Melt More! jumped into “Hamidasumo!”, Ano spinning over to her guitar and bashing the strings for her noisy solo. Chiffon jumped into the crowd and was carried around as she sang her lines. The floor shook as the fans jumped along with You’ll Melt More! as they swung their arms and kicked their way through the bouncy “Fui Ute!!”

Welcoming the fans to the live, the members took turns shouting “Teihen da!” (It’s trouble!) to call attention to things like their new outfits which they designed, their new backing band, and Ano’s mildly interesting first experience eating fugu (pufferfish) which she felt tasted like squid. Chiffon thanked the fans for selling out the tickets for their Osaka and Nagoya stops of the tour but shared her disappointment that You’ll Melt More! was not able to sell out Tokyo, promising that they would put all their feelings into their performance. Younapi echoed her feelings, vowing to give her best efforts as she could not find the exact words to express her gratitude for the fans choosing You’ll Melt More! on a day full of lives happening all over Tokyo.

Forming a circle with hands joined, You’ll Melt More! returned to the music with “Watashi no Hanashi, Korede Oshimai”, hopping around on the stage and skipping from side to side. Swaying and leaping along to the eclectic synthpop orchestration of “Antonio”, the members floated on waves of feedback, spinning slowly and collapsing dramatically during “Ningen wa Sukoshi Fumajime”. Younapi thanked the fans again, adding that even if people feel lonely, being together in the same place, hearing the same sounds, and feeling the same emotions together, she was touched that they could share time together before beginning to sing her opening lines to “Kodoku na Kemono”. The band kicked in and the members joined their voices and raised their fists high in the air, Kechon’s solo noticeably more emphatic than usual. The stage went black with only the lights at the back of the stage casting shadows as the pulsating bass and etherial guitars of “Mottomo Utsukushii mono” swirled together with Ano and Kechon’s breathy vocals. Folding paper fans in hands, You’ll Melt More! turned up the heat with “OO (Love)”, the fans shouting out and dancing along enthusiastically.

Younapi thanked the audience, staff members, and past members for all their contributions, Ano adding a quiet “arigatou gozaimasu” of her own. Chiffon explained that they had chosen to have a new backing band as part of their continued efforts to grow as a group, Kechon noting that it had almost been a year since they decided to keep going as a quartet and wondering if they had grown since then. Younapi chimed in that with all of You’ll Melt More!’s different activities, she felt as if each performance was a treasure. Chiffon shouted to the crowd to rile them up as the end of the live was quickly approaching.

Screaming into “Furuete Yomigaere”, You’ll Melt More! thrashed and bounced around on the stage, the fans matching their frenzy. Ano picked up her guitar again and jumped up onto the riser for another solo as she was surrounded by the glow of a sea of pale blue penlights. Boiling over with the greasy bass lines and salty guitars of “Sukiyaki”, the audience surged towards the stage, several fans rising up for Chiffon and Younapi’s solos. Ano was met by a wall of bodies as she waded into the crowd before falling backwards and surfing around before returning to the stage. Shards of light reflected off of the mirror ball as the members opened fire with their finger guns and raced around the stage for “Tabi no Shitaku”. Clawing and roaring into the final song of the main performance “Only You”, You’ll Melt More! brought the evening to a climax, the air inside TSUTAYA O-EAST growing moist due to the fans surging forward as Ano and Chiffon returned to surf the crowd once again. Younapi stood high above all the mayhem as she stood on top of a ladder at the middle of the stage. Metallic streamers fluttered down as the performance came to a close.

After a few minutes of encore calls, You’ll Melt More! ran back out in their tour T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, thanking the audience for calling them back to the stage and introduced the members of their new backing band which included Daiki Matsumoto and Yuko (FLiP/LAZYgunsBRISKY) on guitar, Hayato Otake (ROCK’A’TRENCH), and Chiffon’s bass teacher shioRi on bass before they all posed for a commemorative photo with the fans in the background. Younapi introduced the tour goods which included T-shirts with the words “Kodoku” and “Gyakushu” on them along with the zip-up hooded sweatshirts with both words printed on the sleeves. Chiffon modeled the T-shirt with photos of the members of You’ll Melt More! on it. Younapi continued, talking about her “(You)napi sack” backpack, Kechon’s notepad, and Chiffon’s curry, the specially produced goods that were also on sale.

Breezing into “Watashi he”, the voices of You’ll Melt More! reverberated alongside the springy bass line and jangly guitars, a wall of bodies rising up for Chiffon’s solo. Ano was met by another mass of pale blue lights as You’ll Melt More! began the final song of the evening, “Night Hiking”. Taking their final bows, the members thanked the fans one last time, Younapi declaring that You’ll Melt More! is just getting started.

Announced at the tour finale in Nagoya on April 2nd, You’ll Melt More! will be releasing a new mini album in June with a tour which at the moment includes a stop in Osaka (ESAKA MUSE) on July 9th and Tokyo (Akasaka BLITZ) on July 23rd.

Photos by Soutaro Goto(後藤壮太郎)

Set List

01 id Idol
02 Hamidasumo!
03 Fui Ute!!
04 Watashi no Hanashi, Korede Oshimai
05 Antonio
06 Ningen wa Sukoshi Fumajime
07 Kodoku na Kemono
08 Mottomo Utsukushii mono
09 OO (Love)
10 Furuete Yomigaere
11 Sukiyaki
12 Tabi no Shitaku
13 Only You

E1 Watashi he
E2 Night Hiking

Band Members

Guitar: Yuko (FLiP/LAZYgunsBRISKY)
Guitar: Daiki Matsumoto
Bass: shioRi
Drums: Hayato Otake (ROCK’A’TRENCH)

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Kodoku to Gyakushu EP / Yurumerumo! (You'll Melt More!)
Kodoku to Gyakushu EP / Yurumerumo! (You'll Melt More!)

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