Be Local, Go Global! Idols Prepare to Invade France for JAPAN EXPO 2015

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Be Local, Go Global! Idols Prepare to Invade France for JAPAN EXPO 2015

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On May 25th, the “WELCOME TO JAPAN PROJECT”, a project designed to showcase the popular culture of Japan to the world, was launched. The first stage involves the sending of several local idols to Japan Expo 2015 (July 2-5) to perform on stage and promote the merits of their rural hometowns. Lending their support to the project are: super producer Yanagiman, Tokyo Girls’ Update (All Blue), “idol support” mobile app CHEERZ, and Japan Expo’s main partner Tohan. If that wasn’t enough, Japanese celebrity idol impersonator Ai Haruna will be acting as the main cheerleader of the project and taking the stage for her famous “Air Ayaya (Aya Matsuura)” act!



With the “local idol” boom gaining traction in Japan in 2014, 4 exciting up and coming groups from the rural areas of Japan were selected as the representatives: ORANGE PORT (Shizuoka), BASEBALL☆GIRLS (Fukuoka), Michinoku Sendai ORI☆Hime-tai (Miyagi), and Chaw Chaw (Osaka). They are joined by members of the “SHOWROOM” live webcast channel: Rio Hiiragi, Kana Tsuzuki (Lovely★DOLL), Rie Yunohara, and popular “idol support” mobile app CHEERZ group Stand-Up!Hearts. Added to the already amazing lineup of performers which includes: VAMPS,, Eir Aoi, and Luce Twinkle Wink☆, Japan Expo 2015 promises to be one of the most exciting overseas Japanese culture events of the year!

As some of you may not be too familiar with the 4 local idol groups mentioned, here are some short introductions for them. Websites for all 8 performers are listed below.

ORANGE PORT is a 12-member local idol group from Numazu City in Shizuoka prefecture that was formed in 2012 with the idea of introducing the world to the local idol culture of Japan. They are returning for the second time at Japan Expo to follow up and display the result of the hard work they have been doing since their appearance in 2014.

Chaw Chaw was formed in August of 2014 from students at Broadcasting Art College and Osaka Animation School. With mottos such as “Issho Kenmei” (do your best), “Gamushara” (reckless abandon), and “Minna no Senaka wo Zenryoku de Oshitai” (We want to support everyone with everything we have), Chaw Chaw earnestly works hard to be the best performers they can. Owing to the rich culture of Osaka as an epicenter of Japanese comedy, Chaw Chaw will be fishing for laughs as well as cheers when they hit the stage.

Michinoku Sendai ORI☆Hime-tai rose up from the aftermath of the Tohoku Earthquake and has been on a mission to heal the people in their hometown of Sendai since July of 2011. In addition to performing on stage, the members have been volunteering their time and fundraising to help rebuild the lives of those affected by the disaster. While they have their sights set on becoming a group that can someday represent Asia, their commitment to promoting and uplifting their beloved home has few equals.

BASEBALL☆GIRLS, aside from their unique appearance, are a group that fuses theatrics with music during their performances. As their name suggests, the 3 members are big fans of baseball, which manifests itself in their theme of cheering on sports teams and those who chase their dreams. BASEBALL☆GIRLS will be making their major label debut on July 30th so don’t let this rare chance slide by!

Chaw Chaw Official site:

Rio Hiiragi Official site:

Lovely★DOLL Official site:

Rie Yunohara Official site:

ORANGE PORT Official site:

Michinoku Sendai ORI☆Hime-tai Official site:

BASEBALL☆GIRLS Official site:

Stand-Up!Hearts Official site:

Japan Expo Official site (English):

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