Have a Dose of Akiba Pop Culture at Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2016!

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Have a Dose of Akiba Pop Culture at Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2016!

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Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) returns to Singapore for the ninth time this year, and they are bringing in a unique mix of East and West pop cultures like before. Held at the world-renowned Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall between September 10-11, 2016, STGCC serves up Akiba Pop Culture for Singapore’s idol and anikura (anisong club) fans. For one day only on September 11th, check out the list of idols, DJs and anisong singers performing at STGCC’s Akiba Pop Stage.

Rio Hiiragi


Idol fans around the world would be familiar with her. Rio Hiiragi, aka Rio Rio, has performed at Paris’ Japan Expo, UK’s HYPER Japan Festival and even Tokyo Idol Festival to name a few. With her past idol activity experiences, Rio Rio released her first solo single in January of 2013 and since then, she has been having sold out concerts around Japan.

To keep in touch with her fans all over the world, Rio Rio has been doing live streaming every day for more than 3 years straight. She can be found on Nico Nico Douga, SHOWROOM, Twitcast, and even YouTube. No matter which channel is your favorite way of interacting with her, she will be there to chat with you. Are you ready to Rio Rio?

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Rie Yunohara


Fans in Singapore would definitely be familiar with this name. “Riecho” is coming back to Singapore for the third time and she sure is excited to meet all her fans she made since STGCC 2015 and 2014. Apart from working as a solo idol, Riecho is also the leader for the group Phantom Voice, who will be performing at Tokyo Idol Festival and Summer Sonic.

Since her first appearance in Singapore back in 2014, Riecho has since performed at Paris’ Japan Expo, expanding her overseas live experience and getting to know more overseas fans. Now we wonder if she has forgotten some of the Singlish that she picked up the last time she dropped by.

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GuildStars (Akiba Guild)


Coming from a casino themed amusement park in Akihabara, the maids at Akiba Guild are considered to be an attraction themselves. While they are not playing a round of poker, these maids spend time interacting with customers, engaging them in conversation and entertaining with card tricks. Having been to Vietnam’s Danang Club 99 casino, the members of GuildStars took full opportunity to see what overseas casinos were like. Someone, bring them to the casino at Marina Bay Sands!

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Road of Alice


Road of Alice, composed of Chi-shamin and Mai Oomori (ex-Jewel Kiss member) was formed after they met each other during the stage play, Alice in Deadly School Alternative SAPPORO, and developed a great working relationship. Although Road to Alice is a newly formed unit, both members are rich with experience, with Chi-shamin active as an anime voice actress and placing third for Hokkaido prefecture in Ai Odoru Matsuri 2015, and Maichan being a former member of the popular Hokkaido idol group, Jewel Kiss. This will be Road of Alice’s first overseas live, and the members are looking forward to it!

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Debuting in 2006, nomico has been active in the anime and game music market, producing solo album and singles. She has collaborated with other artists, forming units together and even performed at Animelo Summer Live in 2010 under the unit name, Bad Apple!. Fans who are familiar with anime, games and doujin songs might also be glad to know the songs she has sang for game titles such as Maximum Magic, Love Kiss and Kujibiki Unbalance. Look out for her electrifying live performances at STGCC.

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Sae Tsukiyama


Multi-talented Sae Tsukiyama sings, hosts events as an MC, writes songs, and even models for Akiba Culture free paper magazine, AkiCul and metty photography events. Currently working as a singer for bishoujo game theme songs, Sae has sang many Touhou related songs under Amateras Records. She even sings for Konami’s Sound Voltex and Museca music games. Gamers who frequently play these games will find her voice familiar.

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Masayoshi Minoshima


Masayoshi Minoshima is a veteran producer/composer of Touhou music, with genres ranging from House, Trance, Techno and even UK Hardcore under Alstroemeria Records. He also produces music for anime theme songs such Hack A Doll, the ending theme for Haiyore! Nyaruko San, and “Love makes me run” for idol group, Niji no Conquistador.

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A composer, arranger, remix artiste and a DJ, Tracy composes songs for Konami’s Sound Voltex and Museca. He collaborates with different vocal artists, such as Sae Tsukiyama, to produce Touhou songs as well. In his free time, he likes to try out different foods. Get ready to anikura like never before with all the DJs and vocal artists coming to STGCC.

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Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention is an eclectic mix of pop culture from the East and the West. In its ninth year, the event celebrates the union of toys, games, comics, anime and collectibles with a line-up of industry heavyweights, latest pop culture releases and non-stop stage entertainment. Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention is within the ReedPOP portfolio which includes New York Comic Con, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, OZ Comic Con, PAX and Star Wars Celebration.

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention
September 10-11, 2016 (Saturday-Sunday)
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
*Ticket prices starts at SGD 19 for one day ticket, and SGD 28 for a two days ticket. For more information:

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