The First Round Bell Rings! UPUPGIRLS (PRO-WRESTLING) Debut at @JAM EXPO 2017!

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The First Round Bell Rings! UPUPGIRLS (PRO-WRESTLING) Debut at @JAM EXPO 2017!

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UPUPGIRLS (PRO-WRESTLING), the third group of the UPUPGIRLS family rang the opening bell of their debut match as idols at @JAM EXPO 2017!

Although the group was the opening act of Kiwi Stage, an impressive number of fans had gathered for their early morning first performance. Shouting “Good Morning”, UPUPGIRLS (KARI) and UPUPGIRLS (2) rushed into the stage first, introducing themselves before calling UPUPGIRLS (Pro-Wrestling) to the stage.


From Left to Right : Miu, Hinano, Hikari, Raku

The new members seemed very nervous and some even started to cry while introducing themselves. Hinano commented “I failed the audition for UPUPGIRLS (2) but I did not want to give up my dream of becoming an idol. I am very happy to be a member of UPUPGIRLS now”. The other members also showed their happiness and thanked the audience.

Soon after the introduction, UPUPGIRLS (PRO-WRESTLING) performed their first original song “UPPER KICK”. In addition to the choreography featuring the members kicked their feet up high, it also included several wrestling moves like lariats and used ropes, making for a performance similar to “Uppercut”, one of the popular songs of UPUPGIRLS (KARI).

UPUPGIRLS (PRO-WRESTLING) aims to stand in the Nippon Budokan as both an idol group and professional wrestlers. UPUPGIRLS now consists of UPUPGIRLS (KARI), UPUPGIRLS (2), and UPUPGIRLS (Pro-Wrestling), bringing the count to 16 members in total.

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