Country Girls Member Uta Shimamura Withdraws from the Group

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Country Girls Member Uta Shimamura Withdraws from the Group

Photo by Ikko Nishimura

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It is announced that Uta Shimamura has left Country Girls on June 12th.

According to Hello! Project official site (, the reason of the withdrawal is a misunderstanding between Shimamura’s parents and management which would not be resolved.


Officially they use the word “the midterm cancellation of Country Girls member Shimamura Uta’s contract” , however, it’s just difference of the words and has almost same meaning with “withdrawal” as the situation never change that she already left the group.What concerns fans it not whether or not there would be a graduation performance; in this case, there is no such hope. Here I’ll quote words from our past article writing about the difference between idol’s graduation and withdrawal.

-The difference between “graduation” and “withdrawal” is something calculated by grown ups, but the attitude with which idol otaku receive “graduation” or “withdrawal” is the same. We seek out a spectacle that will intensely rock our emotions. This isn’t something particularly humbling. Somehow we feel more concerned in cases where graduation or departure performances have not been arranged.

Source : What’s Behind the Word “Graduation”? The Difference between “Graduation” and “Withdrawal” in Japanese Idol Culture :

Country Girls was formed November 2014, consisting 6 members Risa Yamaki, Manaka Inaba, Chisaki Morito, Uta Shimamura, and Mai Ozeki, including Playing Manager Momoko Tsugunaga (and Mai Satoda, from predecessor group Country Musume, participating as Supervisor). Country Girls seemed like they had a bright future ahead of them so, this news is particularly hard to take.


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