“Underwater Knee-High Girls” Goes to Taiwan! Exhibition Including New “Yuri” Photos to be Held!

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“Underwater Knee-High Girls” Goes to Taiwan!  Exhibition Including New “Yuri” Photos to be Held!

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With its ever increasing popularity, the Underwater Knee-High Girls Plus exhibition celebrated its launch on October 24th at PATER’S Shop and Gallery in Harajuku as we covered previously past article, and an overseas exhibition has been announced!

img-suichu-niso-taiwan-01The Taiwanese “Underwater Knee High Girls” photo exhibition will be held at gallery little MOCA in Taipei. In addition to photos from “Suichu Niso” and “Suichu Niso plus”, new never before seen photos featuring underwater girls with a bit of a “Yuri” theme  (a word describing female relationships that are sometimes more than but friends less than lovers) will be exhibited.

These Suichi Niso series is all by Manabu Koga, who is working on as visual artist, designer, and video creator. Currently he’s mainly working on the project “Spright”, which covers underwater cute girls. In addition, he holds monthly publication talk event “Monthly Suichu Niso” at Zingaro Space in Nakano Broadway on every second Wednesday. Through the exhibition, Manabu Koga tests the boundaries of the ever expanding world of underwater photography of girls wearing knee high socks underwater.

The exhibition runs from May 3rd to the 8th and the Taiwanese language title of the exhibition is “古賀學 水中過膝長襪美少女攝影個展”. Don’t miss the first overseas exhibition of “Underwater Knee High Girls” and perhaps one day it will also come to your country?

Event information
古賀學 水中過膝長襪美少女攝影個展

Dates:March 3rd to March 8th, 2015
Venue:台湾・微當代文創 little MOCA
Hours:Tuesday~Friday13:00-17:00/Saturday&Sunday 11:00-17:00

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