Celebrating “Nice Knee-High Socks Day” With Underwater Origami!

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Celebrating “Nice Knee-High Socks Day” With Underwater Origami!

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Japan seems to love inventing unofficial holidays, and because the 28th can be read as “ni-hai” (knee-high), and the 11 for November can be read as “ii” for nice/good, November 28th is “nice knee-high socks day”. February 8th is “knee-high socks day” as well so there are at least 2 days a year to look forward to for fans of “zettai ryoiki”.


In celebration of this day, the people behind Underwater Knee-High Socks (Suichu Niso) have released a video of Shimarisa Mashima folding a crane while underwater and of course, wearing knee-high socks. Just like how the socks are specially made to be worn underwater, the “paper” provided by olyester has been engineered for aquatic usage.

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Shimarisa is also the cover model for the first issue of Gekkan Suichu Niso R (Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R), a magazine dedicated to all things involving knee-high socks underwater photographed by Manabu Koga.


The January 2017 issue of Gekkan Suichu Niso R goes on sale on December 14, 2016 and successive issues are planned to be released on the second Wednesday of every month following. At the moment, it only seems to be available from Sprite (a BASE shop) but, hopefully it’s not exclusive?

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