Ucchi Brings Spring to Arikake! New Release Info Arrived Too!! Uchida Aya 2nd Live “Blooming!” Report

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Ucchi Brings Spring to Arikake! New Release Info Arrived Too!!  Uchida Aya 2nd Live “Blooming!” Report

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December 8th, a cold breeze blew at Ariake Colosseum where many Ucchi-, nickname for Aya Uchida, fans gathered. Even in this cold environment, many fans made a line to buy concert goods in the morning that raise their spirits for the concert this day.

First of all, Aya Uchida is a voice actress that many of the anime fans recognize her from Kotori Minami in LoveLive! She made an artist debut last November with her 1st full album “Apple mint”. Two days of her 1st live were successfully done in May at Gotanda Yuport. Between the 1st and the 2nd live, she opened an 1.5th live at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL with 3000 fans! She is one of the voice actress artist that we marking an eye on.


The colosseum was already lighted up with many ciriums when we entered. This day, 7000 fans, the highest number of audience, arrived to see Ucchi-’s performance. The live performance started as the light went off and the opening video appeared to start the party off. Ucchi- appeared in a costume of the album jacket, a white and pink dress with a flower crown, that gives an impression of a fairy, singing the album’s leading song “Blooming!” The pink penlights filled up the concert creating a scene of flower garden!! After singing, she asked if the fans are ready to “bloom” and many fans answered with a big root.

Next, she sang “Sneaker Future Girl” which is a guitar pop tune. She danced in cute steps that healed the fans with her cuteness. The third and the fourth song “Like a bird” and “Saigo no Hanabi (Last Fireflower)” was a cool and calm songs compared to other songs of hers. From her looks, mostly the impression that many people get is cuteness, but her strong appeal point is that she has both cute and strong voice. During the “Saigo no Hanabi”, fans matched the penlights in red to express the sorrowness world that this song expresses. Her singing voice during these songs were very strong and filled with strong emotion.

In the first MC, even in this big colosseum, she told the audience that she is able to see each of their faces because the stage is so close to the audience. The day before, she appeared on Music Station as Kotori Minami with other μ’s members. About this, she reassured the fans that she wants to make sure each and every performance are for the fans and with the fans together, and want to make an enriched time as Aya Uchida this day.


In the next song “Go! My Cruising!”, she ran all the way to the runway which is the stage at the close range to the fans. Not just the fans, but Ucchi- was also surprised with this stage, and enjoyed the stage with a huge smile. The fans turned the pen light into blue to express the sea this time which fits with the song. Performance continued on with cute and calm songs “Let it shine” and “Haruka Kanata (Far Far Away)”. In “Haruka Kanata”, the colosseum brighted up in orange that gave an inspiration of an evening twilight that fits this nostalgic music. After Ucchi- disappeared from the stage, the screen reflected a hand-drawn bus that travels around the sunflower garden, mountains, and city. After in the MC, she explained that this bus is drawn by Ucchi- and continued on that she wanted to drew something better if she knew it would appear like this. This talk made the colosseum filled with laughter.


After the video, she reappeared in the stage driving a white fluffy bicycle and singing the song called “Iza Yuke! Pegasus Gou! (Go! My Pegasus Ride!)”. She moved around the stage singing and driving the bicycle at the same time. Around the end of the song, she almost falled from the stage, but able to sing the song without any accidents. The bicycle is the “Pegasus ride” that she ordered the staff to put fluffiness to express the pegasus, but instead got called by rabbit. Also, her costume is a dress with many colorful flowers “blooming” on her skirt. She explained that the skirt was made to imagine the background of the album jacket.


Next, she sang two songs that are both performed the first time on stage. “Mousou Story Teller” is a story-like song that develops a mysterious atmosphere. “Daydream” created a cool atmosphere and ended the song with soap bubbles floating around the stage. Even though both songs were performed for the first time, fans matched their cyrium color in both songs that matched the songs which was amazingly beautiful.

She confessed that she had resistance over singing these kind of songs, but she wanted to show many faces of her to the fans, so she tried this time. Until “Daydream”, the songs are performed in the matching order with the album “Blooming!” After the gloomy songs, she called out to the audience she will sing fun songs from this point.

“Nakibeso Panda wa Doko e Itta? (Where did the Sobbing Panda Go?)” is a song that is popular among Ucchi- fans. She puts on her friend, the panda puppet, and she could see some fans putting the same panda puppet on their hands too (which is available online). She ended the song by throwing out the panda out from her hands, and instead brought out a tambourin for the next song called “Kick to Punch Docchi ga Ii? (Kick and Punch; Which Would You Prefer?)”. After this song, she next got out a penlight, an official concert goods for today, and recommended the audience to change the color in a rainbow one, which changes the colors automatically, and sang “Merry Go”, swinging the penlight together with the fans. She jumped around the stage, and told that she wanted to do this song in this stage that, from her viewpoint, the audience is like a colorful merry go round. In kanji, her name “Aya” means “to color” and she referred to her name that “It was like flowers colored in variety that is like my name.”

She told the audience that the next song will be her last stage which disappointed the audience. For the last song, she ordered the fans to change the cyrium in pink, which was the perfect color for the last song of the album. “with you”.


With the unstopped encore call, she and the band members appeared again in the stage with a rock song “ONE WAY”!! She wore a beret on her head and wore an arranged version live T-shirt with light blue tulle skirt. After introducing the band members, she sang “Sweet Rain” and “Growing Going”. “Growing Going” is a pop tune spinning the towels with the fans. She ended the encore singing “Apple Mint” which is the leading song of her 1st album.


In the finale, she came back to the stage singing “Breezin’”. In the last MC, she thanked the fans who made her available to sing 22 songs, the total songs she released in two albums. She promised that she will bring both happiness and excitement in the 2nd year of her solo activities. “I will bloom the most wonderful smile on each of your faces!!” shouted Aya, and ended the 2nd live with the leading song “Blooming!” She thanked the fans again after the song and asked the fans to come with her from the 2nd year!!


New release information was available for the fans too. The two concept albums “Sweet Tears” and “Bitter Kiss” will be released in February 10th, 2016. In the screen appeared the two main visuals of the albums. Both visual keys gave an impression of Valentine’s day that is near the release day. “Sweet Tears” includes six electro pop songs that is overall cute and lovely. The music video of the leading song “Floating Heart” will be included with the making shots. “Bitter Kiss” is an album of six serious rock songs that creates the theme of heating hard rock. The music video of “afraid…” is included with making shots. The hair and makeup for the visual photos was done by the famous hair makeup artist Akio Namiki, known as Namikki-. Many fans could not wait to get the album, and we also cannot wait for the 2nd year of Aya Uchida.



Photos by Masayuki Kusakari

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