Tsubaki Factory Are Timeless in the MV for “Uruwashi no Camellia”!
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Tsubaki Factory display the enduring nature of the flower from which they take their name in the MV for “Uruwashi no Camellia” from their major label debut triple-A side single “Hatsukoi Sunrise/ Just Try!/ Uruwashi no Camellia” (release date: February 22)!

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Opening with the members dressed in hakama and dancing around a phonograph like a scene out of a silent movie, Tsubaki Factory are transported almost a hundred years into the future where they arrive in the present day and dance through the hallways of a school. Music and arrangement is by Yusuke Kato and lyrics are by Ameko Kodama.

“Hatsukoi Sunrise/ Just Try!/ Uruwashi no Camellia” will be released in in 4 limited edition CD/DVD versions and 3 regular CD versions. Type-A includes the MV for “Hatsukoi Sunrise”, Type-B includes the MV for “Just Try!”, Type-C includes the MV for “Uruwashi no Camellia”, and Type-D includes the dance shot MVs for all 3 songs. The limited editions include event participation serial number cards and the regular versions include 1 of 10 randomly selected (9 solo and 1 group) trading cards (Type-A – “Hatsukoi Sunrise”, Type-B – “Just Try!”, Type-C – “Uruwashi no Camellia”).

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