Tsubaki Factory Reach Out a Brighter Tomorrow in the MV for “Just Try!”
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Tsubaki Factory set their sights on the path ahead of them in the MV for “Just Try!” from their major label debut triple-A side single “Hatsukoi Sunrise/ Just Try!/ Uruwashi no Camellia” (release date: February 22)!

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Set in what seems to be the distant future, Tsubaki Factory are surrounded by laser beams as they sing boldly about conquering fears of failure. Music and lyrics are by Tsunku♂ with arrangement by Kaoru Okubo.

“Hatsukoi Sunrise/ Just Try!/ Uruwashi no Camellia” will be released in in 4 limited edition CD/DVD versions and 3 regular CD versions. Type-A includes the MV for “Hatsukoi Sunrise”, Type-B includes the MV for “Just Try!”, Type-C includes the MV for “Uruwashi no Camellia”, and Type-D includes the dance shot MVs for all 3 songs. The limited editions include event participation serial number cards and the regular versions include 1 of 10 randomly selected (9 solo and 1 group) trading cards (Type-A – “Hatsukoi Sunrise”, Type-B – “Just Try!”, Type-C – “Uruwashi no Camellia”).

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