Just Like One Scene in a Movie! TRUSTRICK Reveals the Trailer for Their First DVD “Iolite”

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Just Like One Scene in a Movie! TRUSTRICK Reveals the Trailer for Their First DVD “Iolite”

Photo by Arata Kato

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TRUSTRICK, the unit composed of Sayaka Kanda (Vo) and Billy (Gt), has released the trailer for their first DVD ‘TRUSTRICK First Film “Iolite”‘ on their official website.

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This film work features their first hall concert “Iolite” that was held on July 4th at Shinagawa Stellar Ball.
As meticulous scene decorations and images, the string quartet’s co-stars, and various other ideas devised for the content unfolded, it became an overwhelming performance that allowed us to enjoy TRUSTRICK’s world view to the fullest degree.

This film work includes not only stage performances, but also the smiles and nervousness of rehearsal and many documentary elements. We can expect a work of art just as beautiful as a movie.

The cover

The cover artwork for TRUSTRICK First Film “Iolite”

The special premier for this “Iolite” will be held at Shinagawa Prince Cinema (September 24th) and Namba Parks Cinema (September 25th), and the tickets for the both events are already sold out.
If you want to see their live performance, please check out their next one-man concert ‘TRUSTRICK LIVE PROUD 2015 “Good Bye Stray Sheep’ which will be held on December 18 at Zepp DiverCity(TOKYO).

Additionally, it has been already announced that TRUSTRICK will provide the theme song for the theatrical performance “Super Danganronpa 2 THE STAGE ~Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen~” which will be started on December 3rd.

Stay tuned to their bigger success!

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TRUSTRICK First Film”Iolite”

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