Eye for an Eye! Tomomi Itano to Star in Horror Movie “Nozokime”!

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Eye for an Eye! Tomomi Itano to Star in Horror Movie “Nozokime”!

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Tomomi Itano (ex-AKB48) has been named as the lead actress in the upcoming film adaptation of the horror novel “Nozokime” by Shinzo Mitsuda which is set to open in theaters during the spring of 2016.

For those of you have seen the hidden camera show “AKB600sec”, the title may sound familiar. That is because the word “nozoku” that was used to often in that show means “to peep” and “nozoki” means “peeping”. Just as the title suggests, there is a mysterious eye that watches people, but in this case, when people encounter it, an uncontrollable fear overwhelms them.

Itano plays Ayano Mishima, a rookie assistant director (AD) at a television station, who is “looking into” the details behind this rumored “peeping eye”. The director of “Nozokime” is Koichiro Miki, who is known for the “Torihada” series of horror films.


Even though Itano has been long known for her cool and fashionable personality, she commented, “I threw away my usual self, and dove wholeheartedly into the vision of Director Miki. I feel as if I was able to shed the husk of my former self so I am really looking forward to seeing what the finished film is like.”

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