Tokyo Girls’ Style Announces 2014 Nationwide Concert Tour during Nippon Budokan Live!

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Tokyo Girls’ Style Announces 2014 Nationwide Concert Tour during Nippon Budokan Live!

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A five piece Dance & Vocal group “Tokyo Girls’ Style” announced on December 22, in Nippon Budokan, that they hold a nationwide concert tour next year.

The concert tour that will be a fourth Japan tour for them, is going to start in Zepp Nagoya. The title is “Royal Mirrorball Discotheque.” “Royal Mirrorball” comes from a trade name of the TGS’s arranger “Hiroshi Matsui” who has arranged almost all of TGS songs. Since their debut, songs of TGS have always had an alternative unpublished song all the time which is called “Royal Mirrorball Mix”. Their 4th Japan tour is expected to be dancing remix tour based on the mix.

It was announced at the same, that they will hold a one night concert with a live band in the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on June 15. The title is “CONCERT ’04 ~ Yaon Again ~ with Takayuki Hijikata Band (Bonsai.)

Both concerts have already been a hot topic among not only fans, but also many people.

The latest information about their starring movie was also revealed. “Itsutsu Kazoereba Kimi no Yume ( Your Dream if I count one to five) ” directed by up-and-coming Director Yuuki Yamato, will premiere at Shibuya CINEMA RIZE on March 8, 2014.

During the press conference, the leader Yamabe Miyu told that all the members in TGS will move to Tokyo completely next year. Since then, Tokyo Girls’ Style literally become Tokyo Girls’ Style, expectations for full scale activity are increasing.

TGS’ live in Nippon Budokan has been getting a good reputation, especially a solo singing, the new song, and drum and sing performance by Ayano Konishi. Tokyo Girls’ Style gone the big stage wonderfully and started off to the future growth towards the next year.
The next year will finally be the year you can’t take your eyes off TGS.

Photos from Nippon Budokan Concert

TokyoGirls’Style 4th JAPAN TOUR 2014 -Royal Mirrorball Discotheque –

Sat., March 15 : Osaka / Zepp Namba
Sun., March 16 : Nagoya / Zepp Nagoya
Sun., March 30 : Tokyo / Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
Sat., April 5 : Tokyo / SHIBUYA-AX
Sun., April 6 : Tokyo / SHIBUYA-AX
Sat., May 3 : Sapporo / PENNY LANE 24
Mon., May 5 : Sendai / RENSA
Sat., May 17 : Fukuoka / Ims Hall
Sun., June 15 : Tokyo / Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall

Movie “Gakkou no Kaidan Noroi no Kotodam” website

written by Yuji Hara

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