TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE MV Bloom Under the Moonlight in the MV for “water lily ~Suiren~”!

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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE MV Bloom Under the Moonlight in the MV for “water lily ~Suiren~”!

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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE continue to shine brighter than ever in the MV for their 23rd single “water lily ~Suiren~” (release date: July 5)!

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Dressed in pure white outfits and surrounded by projection mapping technology, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE deliver a breathtaking performance highlighting their more mature side.

“water lily ~Suiren~” will be released in a CD/DVD version and a CD version. The DVD includes highlights from TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s January 14, 2017 Akasaka BLITZ concert TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE × GIRLS BAND ~Akasaka Okunai Ongakudō~. The CD version includes “water lily ~Suiren~ (PARKGOLF Remix)”. The coupling song is “illusion” which was used in the Aya Kato-directed film “Tengawa Lovers Suicide” which starred Mei Shōji and features her on main vocals.

In a surprise twist, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE has been added to the lineup of Tokyo Idol Festival 2017. After their controversial and surprising “artist declaration” in December of 2014, their return to the biggest idol festival in the world seems to have been equally shocking to fans. In a short video on Japanese-exclusive video streaming site GYAO, the members address their new direction and goals for the future.

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water lily - Suiren - / Tokyo Girls' Style
water lily - Suiren - / Tokyo Girls' Style

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