The Time has Come for 3min.? Changes Announced at Shibuya eggman One-Man Live!

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The Time has Come for 3min.? Changes Announced at Shibuya eggman One-Man Live!

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It was a big day for 3min. at Shibuya eggman during their “San Minutes! 3! sun! (3 is read as “san”) Summer Live” one-man live on July 18, 2015. 3min. danced hula, they changed their name (slightly), Ayaka Minami celebrated her birthday, new member Yoko Kita made her debut with the group, and even Sako Makita (PASSPO☆) made a special appearance during the Saturday afternoon performance!


The fans clapped and chanted to 3min.’s intro music, chanting “u-hae” and calling out the names of the members as they took dance solos. The fans heated up even further as 3min. started with “Make a Fire”, their voices almost drowning out the bass as they cried out the special “fire” MIX for the song. Linking arms, performers and audience alike rocked back and forth to the thumping beats and rock guitar of “Bounce!!” 3min. Circled back around to dance music as they continued with “Panorama World”, bewitching the audience with their graceful and breezy movements.

Pausing to introduce themselves to the fans, the members of 3min. quizzed them on whether or not they noticed that some of the choreography had been modified in order to allow them to dance along more easily. For added emphasis, 3min. encouraged them to dance along to “3min Exercise” which incorporated shadow boxing and heart kechas, turning Shibuya eggman into an aerobics studio for a brief moment. The thick, sharp beats of “Liquid Love” transitioned into the funky clavinet riffing of “PINPON” as 3min. rolled their shoulders and popped out their chests rhythmically.

The members of 3min. talked about things they wanted to do before summer was over starting with Mayu Watanabe who nominated “watching fireworks at Minato Mirai (Yokohama)”. Ayaka Minami talked about how she had purchased a swimsuit the previous year but had not gotten around to wearing it yet, drawing some excited howls from the fans. Hina Aizawa nominated “wearing a yukata to a matsuri” while Moeka Kashimoto seconded the swimsuit idea by adding “night swimming” to the list of ideas. Despite being the “mood maker” of the group, Kaori Hisamatsu was unexpectedly diligent when she answered, “making memories of 3min.” After the lighthearted talk the music took a dark turn with the heavy bass wobbles of “Easy Come! Easy Go!”, Ayaka Minami leading the way with her deep vocals. Visually, it also became dark as the stage went black at the end of the song.

Out of the darkness, the sound of waves, a lap steel guitar, and ukulele began to reverberate throughout Shibuya eggman. When the lights came back on, 3min. appeared in hula outfits while dancing to the music, transporting the audience temporarily to the beaches of Waikiki. Transitioning into a cover of “Moso no Hawaii (PASSPO☆), the storytelling hands and swaying hips were exchanged for head banging as the fans chopped the air and spun along with 3min.

Temporarily leaving the stage for another wardrobe change, 3min. emerged in new brightly-colored outfits that really made them look like idols. Launching into “STYLE” followed by “Song For You”, the glow of white cyalumes filled the room. Taking a break to show off their new outfits, a fan joked that Moeka Kashimoto’s made her look like Pikachu, which is probably why there was someone wearing a Pikachu kigurumi (onesie) at Platinum Sonic, the following week? Kaori Hisamatsu reminded the fans to pick up the July 27th issue of Weekly Playboy because she had participated in a gravure photoshoot for it.

Hina Aizuki ran to the front of the stage and sweetly shushing the fans to begin the bubblegum pop EDM of “Kiss Emotion”. After the fist-pumping rock of “Road of VICTORY”, Mayu Watanabe urged the fans to get more excited as 3min. was entering the final spurt of the live right before the bass dropped on “Catch Me”. The fans in the front also dropped to the floor as 3min. got low on stage. The mix played out with “Mystery Angel” and “Lil’Love” and the members of 3min. left the stage.

There was an “Aya-ka” encore call as it was Ayaka Minami’s birthday live (actual birthday is June 30) and Shibuya eggman lit up with white cyalumes when she and the rest of 3min. returned to the stage. The new member of 3min. was introduced as Yoko Kita, the older sister of Yuko Kita (FYT) and she was welcomed by fans who already had blue penlights ready to show their support! Yoko explained that she had been a longtime fan of 3min. and had been to several of their lives so, being able to join as a member was like a dream come true. Changing the topic, Kaori Hisamatsu explained that the group would be changing their name from “san minutes” to “san mini” in order to make it easier to find them online (サンミニ versus サンミニッツ). It seems that even many Japanese people have trouble with Katakana?

3min introduced themselves in the new formation for the first time and announced that they would be performing a new song, which had the choreography designed by Sako Makita, who has been helping out the group since her hiatus from performing with PASSPO☆ began. There was a flash of a yellow-green penlight as soon as Makita’s name was mentioned! 3min.’s fans are just too well prepared! The new song “BAD GAME” began with Ayaka Minami’s deep vocals and featured a variety of simple and sophisticated moves, different that 3min.’s usual choreography. Again, Kaori Hisamitsu made reference to her recent gravure work by mentioning that the dance made her breasts jiggle around. The encore ended with a repeat performance of “Make a Fire”, the first song of the afternoon, the fans increasing in volume and intensity as it was the last song.


The giant balloon/flower arrangement that had been outside the entrance to Shibuya eggman was brought on stage with the fans and members singing “Happy Birthday to You”. After a few tense moments as the balloons on top of the arrangement were unstuck from the stage lights, several proper commemorative photos were taken and Ayaka was presented with a birthday cake. The 2nd anniversary one-man live for 3min. was announced; it will be on December 24th at Harajuku Astro Hall. It was at this moment that all eyes shifted to the back of the venue where “special supporter” Sako Makita was standing. Makita thanked everyone for coming to see 3min. and promised that they would keep evolving so it would be best to keep watching them in the future as well.

Set List

01 Make a Fire
02 Bounce!!
03 Panorama World
04 3min Exercise
05 Liquid Love
07 Easy Come! Easy Go!
08 Moso no Hawaii (PASSPO☆ cover)
10 Song For You
11 Kiss Emotion
12 Road of VICTORY
13 Catch Me
14 Mystery Angel
15 Lil’Love

E2 Make a Fire

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