Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released September 2015

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Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released September 2015

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With the end of August comes the end of summer in the minds of most people in Japan even though the weather cares not for what is displayed on the calendar. The days of sweltering outdoor music festivals and bikini-filled MVs may be behind us but, that has no effect on the amount of amazing idol music being released! Here are some of the most interesting MVs for songs released in September listed in chronological order according to their release date.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “Crazy Party Night〜Pumpkin no Gyakushuu〜” (release date: September 2)

One of the best things about Halloween is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu releasing a MV like “Crazy Party Night〜Pumpkin no Gyakushuu〜”! She pulls double duty as a news reporter and the host of a very unusual Halloween party full of crazy colorful monsters. As always, the scariest part about it is not being able to get that hook out of your head once you have heard it! But then again there are much worse things to be haunted by, right?

BiSH – “OTNK” (release date: September 2)

BiSH enters a new chapter in their attempts to remake the legendary anti-idol group BiS. Welcoming new members Linlin and Atsuko Hashiyasume, they tell a tale similar to that of the Japanese legend Urashima Taro as they emerge from the ocean depths to feast with animals and combine their powers to defeat a giant sea creature unleashed once they open a mysterious box. While the Celtic “pirate metal” sound might not be for everyone, it’s just one of the many weapons in their arsenal as they move forward.

Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 – “Hard Boiled ni Aishite Yaruze” (release date: September 2)

One of the most unlikely groups to win popularity in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace, Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 once again delights and shocks fans with their latest MV which has Ryujin gunned down in cold blood by a scorned lover, only for him to rise from the grave and be reunited with his 6 “wives”. Other groups have tried to incorporate male members into their lineups but, few have been able to pull it off with the panache and charisma of Kiyoshi Ryujin 25!

Petit PASSPO☆ – “Samurai Girl” (release date: September 2)

Petit PASSPO☆ takes on their producers and seniors (and in the case of Riko Fujimoto, older sister) PASSPO☆ as they rush towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It seems like 2015 has been a year for exciting young groups to break through and Petit PASSPO☆ has definitely taken an early lead by releasing 2 MVs and a single in addition to having their first solo concert but, as long as they remember to pace themselves, it should be fun to watch them continue to grow and develop as the competition heats up!

Hime Kyun Fruit Can – “Kakusei Mirai” (release date: September 9)

Actress Yuki Sano may have started the MV as a helpless young woman doing her best to escape hordes of deceptively fast zombies but, midway through she becomes an unstoppable sword-wielding warrior! If there was ever a need for a “zombie apocalypse” playlist, Hime Kyun Fruit Can is definitely a group that should be on it. Just don’t play it too loud or you might not be able to hear the zombies creeping up behind you!

Kobushi Factory – “Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan” (release date: September 9)

Kobushi Factory really made a splash with their major label debut triple A-side single “Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan/Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta/Nen ni wa Nen (Nen Iri version)”! Narrowing the decision to one of the 3 great songs was made easier by the inclusion of a sumo wrestler and all the scenes of the members running though a school. If you were among the people kicking yourselves for not going to see them at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, just stay calm and realize that another chance will come soon!

BILLIE IDLE® – “be-bop tu-tu” (release date: September 16)

Using VCR-quality visuals and displaying the lyrics as a cast credits, BILLIE IDLE® takes the digital generation back to the days of analog while serving up some delicious-looking curry at Nigo’s Harajuku restaurant Curry Up. With the fashionable and talented First Summer Uika providing some of the wardrobe for the group members from her own closet, it almost feels like the “Bubble Era” is still going strong (as long as you don’t look too carefully at the passersby). – “Ashita Chikyu ga Konagona ni Nattemo“ (release date: September 16th)

Even though “Akihabalife♪” was an incredible trip through time in Akihabara using technology of the different eras, “Ashita Chikyu ga Konagona ni Nattemo“ was filmed in Italy, used multiple cameras to create 360 panoramic scenes, and featured artwork by mangaka Asano Inio (who also wrote the lyrics for the song). It can be argued that “Ashita Chikyu ga Konagona ni Nattemo” is very different than the type of songs that is known for but, if there world were truly to be smashed to pieces tomorrow, wouldn’t it be awful to have things left unattempted?

Little Glee Monster – “Suki da.” (release date: September 23)

In addition to their incredible vocal talent, the members of Little Glee Monster went and filmed a one take MV for “Suki da.” Watching the making of video, it’s impressive how the cameraman manages to keep up with them as they run from house to house and manages to keep himself from being reflected in any of the windows. Add to that, all the planning that must have been made to have the lyrics appear right as Little Glee Monster sings them was no small task either. Sadly, Maju and Serina are not shown going back to finish the pancakes at the end of the full version.

Maison book girl – “snow irony” (release date: September 23)

One of the most fashionable and musically intriguing groups that have been running through the idol scene since their debut in the autumn of 2014, Maison book girl are a reminder to not judge a book by its cover or dismiss a song upon first listen. Kenta Sakurai’s complex layers and use of rhythm might seem to run contrary to conventional idol music but, this is no conventional idol group. We just wish they had purchased shoes that actually fit their feet.

palet – “All for One” (release date: September 23)

Welcoming new member Mayu Watanabe (3min.) at the end of July and roaring through multiple summer music festivals and a 7-city tour, palet seems to have experienced a rapid growth as a group as shown in the MV for “All for One”. While it might have been interesting if the MV had shown “6 challenges! Make a miracle happen!”, the hard work that the members of palet are putting in might be a lot more interesting? Regardless of how it was presented, this is just a snapshot of the potential that the reinvigorated palet is about to unleash.

Fudanjuku – “Moshimo, Kore ga Koi nara” (release date: September 30)

After surprising everyone with a “danso-free” teaser, cross-dressing idols Fudanjuku put their mens’ clothing back on and headed to a fog-filled forest to chase after a mysterious woman in white. While it would have been mind-blowing if their male counterparts were to appear alongside their female selves, fans will have to settle for the triple combination of kabe-don, naro-daki (embrace from behind), and yuka-don (variant of the kabe-don using the floor/ground)! That’s not a bad consolation prize though.

The list for September may be a bit bigger than normal but, there were quite a few great MVs left out and there were also many songs which should have been included but, did not have a MV to go with it. GEM’s “Baby, Love me!” was strongly considered but, if they were using VR, why weren’t there any monsters or giant robots or cool special effects? It’s still a good song but, the MV had potential to be more interesting, especially compared to the others listed. SCANDAL’s “Sisters” was not as strong as some of their previous songs and is definitely more pop than rock. Hopefully, it doesn’t become their new musical direction. As always, let us know if there was a MV for a song released in September of 2015 which you think we may have overlooked because it is possible. October should be another exciting month for MVs, particularly with Halloween providing all kinds of inspiration!

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