Tokyo Girls’ Style unveiled MV of “Partition Love”, the first part of their romance trilogy.

Tokyo Girls’ Style unveiled MV of “Partition Love”, the first part of their romance trilogy.

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Whole story of the new song of five-girls dance & vocal group “Tokyo girls’ Style” was unveiled. It was nice idea and got a good evaluation to releasing teaser movies little by little and doing Non-On-Air music download service, and finally they announced that they will release “Partition Love” on February 12th, 2014.

“Hey, teacher, tell me why this wall exist here.” Starting with this catch copy for twelve teaser movies released over three months, there are many significant words are included in “Partition Love”. But this impacting catch copy is exactly the lyrics itself and it has been a hot topic that it will become a “controversial work” beyond the impact. At last the MV was unveiled on the official channel of avex on Youtube and this MV that describes directly the world view of lyrics attracts more interest and affects more impact.


This song was written and composed by Yuusuke Koide from Base Ball Bear and arranged by Royal Mirrorball, Hiroshi Matsui who arranged most of Tokyo Girls’ Style songs. The high quality arrangement that impressed both music fans and experts, and Tokyo Girls’ Style members that exert the potential doesn’t fit in the framework of idol show us the masterpiece with emotional vocal work.

Fans of all over the world are surprised by the Tokyo Girls’ Style members singing a song which describe adolescent girls to fall in love with teacher that exceeds their representative impacting song “Limited addiction” and their realistic act on the MV.

In the MV we can’t hear the dialogue because of the song but this drama video has also a short movie version. It was completed as a MV that touches the heart with vocal lip scenes still more emotionally of each members of Tokyo Girls’ Style.
Tokyo Girls’ Style will have Nippon Budokan live for the second time on December 22nd.
And they will perform this “Partition Love” for the first time at the live. It is sure that we can see totally different five girls growing up as an artist=person who express themselves from last year on the stage of Nippon Budokan.

It gives us a great impact with only the first part of their romance trilogy. Towards the next year two starring movies are already announced. Tokyo Girls’ Style is always advancing and accelerating.

“Partition Love” MV(Short Ver.)+SPOT

“Partition Love” Trailers

written by Naoya SAKAÏ

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