AKB48 Team 8 For The First Time In the Philippines! Cool Japan Festival Report!

AKB48 Team 8 For The First Time In the Philippines! Cool Japan Festival Report!

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On November 7th and 8th, the Cool Japan Festival in the Philippines took place and AKB48’s team 8 performed 4 times within the 2 days.This was the first time for AKB48 to visit the Philippines.


The Cool Japan Festival was to spread the Japanese culture to the many Philippine fans. Team 8 performed “Aitakatta“,”Koi suru Future Cookie“, “47 no Sutekina Machie” and other songs including team 8 songs.

Nao Oota gave us a comment representing the members.
We were able to take part in the festival with the 12 members from team 8 as AKB 48. Before it started, we were very worried if the people could enjoy our performance. Team 8 has been having activities as idols that come to you, but honestly, I thought this was only within Japan. But when we stood on stage, the cheers from our fans really cheered me up and this experience has definitely made me more confident. I want to go meet many more people, and I want more people to get to know us. I hope everybody can remember each members face and name, including me. I hope we will have more opportunities to go see everybody, inside and outside of Japan.

Member List
Rin Okabe, Maria Shimizu, Nanase Yoshikawa, Erina Oda, Shiori Sato, Nao Oota, Nanami Yamada, Momoka Oonishi, Yuuri Tani, Riona Hamamatsu, Yurina Gyouten, Rena Fukuchi

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