Yurina Hirate of Keyakizaka46 Announces Her Withdrawal!

Yurina Hirate of Keyakizaka46 Announces Her Withdrawal!

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On January 23, 2020, Yurina Hirate of Keyakizaka46 announced her withdrawal in the radio program “SCHOOL OF LOCK!” (TOKYOFM). She did not comment on the reason for leaving Keyakizaka46, saying that she would not like to talk about it right now until she gets the chance to in the future.

In addition Nana Oda and Miyu Suzumoto announced their graduation, while Shiori Sato announced a hiatus.
They shared their thoughts on their next path on the official blog.

Nana Oda

I’m sorry I haven’t seen you for a long time. And I’m sorry for causing a commotion.
I apologize for causing trouble to the fans, as well as the members and staff.
To all the fans who support us, I’m very sorry for making you sad.
I caused trouble to the members who worked so hard alongside me.
I’m really sorry.
I will graduate from Keyakizaka46.
While I was on vacation, I thought a lot about the future.

Being an idol was my dream.
It hurts my heart to leave the work that I loved so much, but after much consideration I decided to graduate.

I will be attending university, so I will do my best with the goal to graduate with a degree.

Thank you very much to all the fans who supported me until now.
I’m really sorry for being selfish.

Four years passed really quickly.
I left Shizuoka without knowing anything.
I struggled with many things but thanks to the support of all the fans and my fellow members, I was able to appear on music programs, work alongside wonderful MCs, perform in nationwide tours and big events and festivals. I was able to do acting. I received awards.
Looking back, I wonder if it was all a dream.

I always liked idols from before and got my courage from them throughout the toughest days.
I’ve overcome it. I don’t know if I could give everyone energy the way other idols did for me, but I was really happy to be an idol.
Being an idol is a wonderful profession.

And I’m so glad I could be in Keyakizaka46.
There are many songs and dances I wouldn’t have gotten to do it if it weren’t in Keyakizaka.
I was able to meet the best teacher ever, TAKAHIRO, and many kind dancers.
I was able to meet the funny, reliable staff who was always there for us.
I was able to meet the members who were like my family.
I was able to meet the fans I love so much.
I’m grateful for all of it.

Thank you very much for 4 years!!

I love Keyakizaka46.
I want to support them from behind.

Miyu Suzumoto

Good evening.
Long time no see.

I am sorry to have caused you worry and trouble in the past few months.
4 years have passed since Keyakizaka46 was formed.
I had a lot of experiences and had a lot of precious memories with the members.
Various things change over time.

I love to perform as Keyakizaka.
I love Keyakizaka songs and I was influenced a lot.

But my mind and body were not able to keep up with the performance, and I couldn’t ignore that feeling.

I couldn’t allow myself to perform half-heartedly.

I thought it was a temporary feeling, but I didn’t change my mind.
I didn’t feel like I was in a place to share these songs, so I decided to graduate from Keyakizaka46.

I have always felt sorry for the members, staff and fans and full of guilt.
There were so many things I needed to do as an idol that I was always struggling with.
I consulted with the staff for a long time, and had a long of time to consider.

I wasn’t good at conveying my feelings to others, and I always made my fans uneasy with my lack of words. I’m sorry.

My fans always have warm words for me, and I’m grateful to have met you all.

I apologize for the sudden announcement.
I’m very sorry to all the fans.
I will think about the future calmly and slowly.

I hope I can meet everyone again somewhere.
Thank you for the four years.
I was very happy when I was working as Keyakizaka46.

Shiori Sato

Long time no see, everyone.
Also, happy new year.

It became 2020 in the blink of an eye.
It’s been four years and five months since I became a member of Keyakizaka 46.

There was always so much going on around me.

As both an idol in Nogizaka46 as well as an art college student,it always felt like there were two of me.

Now that I think about it,
every day was a day of giving it my all.

In March 2019, I managed to graduate from the University of Fine Arts.
I was finally left with just one side of me.

After that, I suddenly had so much to think about myself and my surroundings.
I spent my busy days slowly thinking back and sorting out the thoughts in my mind.
As the environment around me changed, and I saw people taking a new path,I came to want to grow and see more of the world.

As mentioned in the official news I, Shiori Sato, will be on hiatus from Keyakizaka46 for a while to study art.

I have been an idol for 4 years.
I’ve experienced many things.
I fulfilled my dream of performing as a member of Keyazaki46 at Tokyo Dome, a place where many artists dream of.
Every single thing I did in Keyakizaka46 shone and sparkled, and it was such a wonderful view that I know I will never forget.
In these 4 years and 5 months I was really glad that I could be a part of Keyazaki46.

It’s thanks to everybody who supported me no matter what.
There were countless of things that made me feel uneasy.

Even so, I could still see your faces when I did a LIVE or a handshake event and I was full of gratitude for your support.

Thank you very much.

Not to forget the members of Keyakizaka46 who overcame many difficulties together and made our dreams come true.

I always marveled at the fact that so many lovely and kind people could gather in one place.
Everyone is so kind and delicate, so I want them to take care of themselves and do their best.
I feel like I’ve come this far because I was with everyone.
Once again, I’m so glad I could meet all of you. I’m filled with love.

And the staff of Keyakizaka46.

I’m clumsy, and I’ve probably caused a lot of trouble and made you feel like I don’t know what I’m thinking.
At any time, they supported us strongly saying that we would not give up.
My decision this time was accepted and understood.
Whenever I was worried, they listened to me with kindness and always protected me warmly.

And to all the media that worked with us.

They chose wonderful locations, and there were many wonderful cameramen who took pictures of us and interviewed us. We became really close and I learned so much from these professionals that I can’t measure how grateful I am.

As a freshman in college, I never dreamed I would be able to belong to such an environment.
I am thankful for this wonderful environment, and at the same time I want to challenge myself to improve my strengths without being spoiled.
I want to see more, and experience more, and give more of myself.
I need that kind of time.
This sudden announcement might be surprising…

but I love Keyakizaka46.
I’m glad I have Keyakizaka46 in my life.
I have so many precious memories and words from you.
I hope I can remember each one of them, move forward, grow bigger, and come back to Keyakizaka46.

So I hope that everyone will continue to warmly and strongly support Keyakizaka46 as the group moves forward in history.

Please take care of Keyakizaka46.
Thank you so much for your precious love!

To all the members, staff and all the fans,
I wish you lots of happiness.

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