What is Taiwanese Seifuku Culture? Popular Illustrator Chihyu Holds Solo Exhibition of School Girls’ Uniforms

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What is Taiwanese Seifuku Culture? Popular Illustrator Chihyu Holds Solo Exhibition of School Girls’ Uniforms

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Chihyu, the most popular up-and-coming illustrator in Taiwan, will hold a solo exhibition in Tokyo. He became famous in “School Uniform Supremacy – Collection of Taiwan High School Girl Uniforms -” which is the illustration collection was released in Taiwan in 2014.

img-schooluniform-taiwan-05 2

In the same year, “Schoolgirl uniform general election” that 509 high schools participated was held. From these things, Taiwanese seems high interest for the schoolgirl uniform. Chihyu paints many uniforms of Taiwan high school girl in this illustration collection, but it’s not just a uniform introduction. When you turn the book, you will see the vivid “uniform beautiful girl”. And finally, you will become drawn to his artistic world.

img-schooluniform-taiwan-03 2

We cannot help but be surprised to his passion for uniforms. Surprisingly, he painted faithfully until the details of uniforms, such as school emblem on the buttons and the number of pleats in the skirt. It was the result of his effort. He visited more than 50 high schools, interviewed and research uniforms over more than two years. Furthermore, when he draws the “beautiful girls in school uniforms”, there are some rules; keeping school rules, not having a perm, not dyeing their hair, face with no make-up, not wearing accessories, not showing breast cleavage. We would feel attracted to “beautiful girls in school uniforms” that he draws because he has cut the moment of truth.

img-schooluniform-taiwan-04 2

This illustration collection not only Taiwanese, Japanese version has also been released because it is also popular in Japan. In addition to the current uniforms, he has also drawn beautiful girls wearing uniforms of old age that Japan had been ruled and wearing traditional uniforms of Taiwan.

img-schooluniform-taiwan-02 2

“School Uniform Supremacy 2” was released in Taiwan in this January.

img-schooluniform-taiwan-06 2

The solo exhibition in Japan is a commemoration of the publication of the second edition. About 30 pieces of his work will be displayed at the exhibition, and you can also purchase them!

Event Information
date : April 29, 2015 – May 11, 2015
hour : 12:00 – 19:00(May 11 is up to 17:00)
Fee : Admission free
nearest station : Nakano

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