Never-ending Debate of Kawaii Schoolgirls: Sailor Uniform or Blazer Uniform?

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Never-ending Debate of Kawaii Schoolgirls: Sailor Uniform or Blazer Uniform?

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Have you seen Japanese school uniforms before? They are one of the unique aspects of Japanese culture. If you haven’t noticed, there are mainly two types of uniforms: sailor uniform and blazer uniform. It has been argued for a long time about which uniform type is cuter. Which one do you prefer?

St. Agnes School in Kyoto was the first to adopt the sailor uniform in Japan. Before that, students were wearing “hakama”, but they changed in 1920 due to westernization and the adaptation of gymnastics to improve health situation.

The main feature of sailor uniforms is that it usually has a big scarf tied around the neck, which makes the uniform very cute, and the shirt is not so long compared to the blazer ones. The shape of the overall uniform is pretty because of this structure.

Although fewer schools are using the sailor type now, they are still very popular as a traditional Japanese uniform.

After the 1980’s, more schools started adopting blazer uniforms. They were better at showing the individual characteristics of each school, and in some schools, students were allowed to choose the color of the ribbon and the type of the skirt to go with it. The best part of blazer uniforms is that, you can wear it in various ways while sailor uniforms are not so flexible and fashionable. For example, if it’s hot, you can just put on the shirt and the skirt, but if it’s cold, you can choose to put on sweater and the blazer jacket. The skirts have many designs such as plaid and plain as well.
More schools are using blazer types as their uniforms and coming up with creative designs to differentiate themselves from other schools.

According to a survey done by Mynavi Women, among 104 men aged between 22 and 39, 67.3% answered they liked sailor uniforms better than blazer ones. Some say that the sailor types can be worn only when the girls are students and have a pure image to them. On the other hand, blazer jackets are often seen at work places, so they are not rare or special. However, some others insist that blazer types are very stylish and suited for arranging the uniforms in the way students like.

Sailor uniforms and blazer uniforms both have good reasons for us to support them, so it seems like this argument will continue for a while.

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