Giveaway : Room Wear Seifuku “Sera Kore” and Be a Schoolgirl!

Giveaway : Room Wear Seifuku “Sera Kore” and Be a Schoolgirl!

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Sera Kore (“Sailor Collection”) is room wear that allows one to enjoy seifuku in the comfort of their own home! Employing various sailor suit seifuku design from 90s to today, Sera Kore, which began sales in 2016, lets you continue to feel like a schoolgirl for the rest of your life. Made from soft fabric, the one-piece designs of Sera Kore are easy to move around in and do not put any pressure on the body unlike real seifuku. It’s the appearance of seifuku with the comfort of pajamas!


The 2017 lineup adds the manga-inspired “Ojou-sama (daughter from a wealthy family)” to the preexisting “JK” and “Kogyaru” types. One of each type will be given away as a present to 3 (1 Sera Kore set per winner) lucky Tokyo Girls’ Update users!

JK type


Model height : 163cm

This popular and stylish seifuku with dark navy blue socks and skirt, the “JK” is the look of the modern-day Japanese schoolgirl. For anyone hard-pressed to decide, this standard look is recommended.
*Includes dark navy calf socks and light blue scarf

Kogyaru type


Model height : 167cm

The enduring image of ’90’s fashion in Japan lives on with the “Kogyaru”. With 100cm long loose socks to complete the look, it is as comfortable as it is stylish.
*Includes loose socks and rouge ribbon

Ojou-sama type


Model height : 152cm

With a strong sense of a famous girls’ academy or Catholic school, this seifuku is designed with a jumper-style dress and looks like it was taken right our of the world of an anime/manga full of young women from wealthy families or from the wardrobe of Nogizaka46. Due to its long skirt length, the “Ojou-sama” will keep the wearer comfortable no matter how much they may toss and turn in their sleep.
*Includes tri-fold socks and rouge ribbon tie

Even if you are afraid to cosplay, Sera Kore is perfect for living out your seifuku fantasies, giving you a perfectly good reason to wear schoolgirl clothing at home! Even though Sera Kore is available for purchase on sites like and Village Vanguard Online, why not take advantage of this opportunity to apply to win one?


There is only one size available but, it is loose-fitting and oversized as to be comfortable as room wear/pajamas. Don’t worry!

Application period ends at 23:59 on May 16, 2017 (JST)!

■Only winners will be contacted via email.
■Your personal information will never be shared with any third parties.
■Application is limited to once per one account.
■You cannot exhange or replace the items if they delivered.
■Shipping will start in the end of May
■If you have any problem with the campaign, e-mail to :

…To Apply

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Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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