AKB48 Celebrity Fan Set List #3 – “Dou-Naru? Dou-Suru?” by Journalist Souichiro Tahara to Make Debut!

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AKB48 Celebrity Fan Set List #3 – “Dou-Naru? Dou-Suru?” by Journalist Souichiro Tahara to Make Debut!

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After “Eve wa Adam no Rokkotsu” by Koasa Shunputei and “Seishun wa mada Owaranai” by Teruo Iwamoto, the 3rd celebrity fan set list “Dou-Naru? Dou-Suru?” by famous journalist Souichiro Tahara made its debut at the AKB48 Theater on October 16, 2015.


Centering on the theme “Establishing a new era for AKB48”, the set list aims to paint the future of AKB48. The lineup included both veterans and young members, and the songs chosen by Tahara were mainly tracks relating to Minami Takahashi, who was the soul of the group for the last 10 years. The special set list opened with “Kibouteki Refrain”, whose music video actually featured Tahara.

The roster, also known as “Team T (T for Tahara)”, was hand picked by the man himself. He chose Miku Tanabe and Sayuna Hama because they are from Shiga Prefecture, his hometown; and selected ex-JKT48 members Aki Takajo and Rena Nozawa because he saw their performances in Jakarta when he visited the city.

The important role of center was bestowed upon Megu Taniguchi and Saya Kawamoto. The duo entered AKB48 in the same year (2013), and they are good friends from having performed together as back dancers. They have never been centers, but since they were tasked with “Establishing a new era for AKB48” by Tahara, they spent a lot of time discussing, even outside of rehearsals, before the first performance.




They were also given crucial positions in the unit songs. Taniguchi performed “Itoshisa no Accel”, Takahashi’s solo number, and was featured alongside Kawamoto in “Omoide no Hotondo”, a duet originally sung by Takahashi and Atsuko Maeda, who represented AKB48 until her graduation in 2012.

Between songs, there was a talking segment not unlike the talk show hosted by Tahara, except this one was hosted by Souichiro “Myaohara” (Miho Miyazaki) and included silly topics such as “Do you like soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce on your fried egg?” The serious(?) discussions drew quite a bit of laughter from the audience.


Despite being nervous from their appointments as double center, Kawamoto and Taniguchi did their job well, with the support from veteran members such as Miku Tanabe and Aki Takajo. They promised fans that going forward, they would work just as hard to build a new AKB48.


The next celebrity fan list will be from Masahiro Tanaka, pitcher of New York Yankees. Please stay tuned!

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