Stereo Tokyo Blast the Foam Cannons in the MV for “PARTY PEOPLE”!

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Stereo Tokyo Blast the Foam Cannons in the MV for “PARTY PEOPLE”!

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EDM idol group Stereo Tokyo has dropped the MV for “PARTY PEOPLE” from their double A-side 2nd single “PARTY PEOPLE/PARTY GOES ON” (release date: October 28)!

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In the MV, a young man walking down the street on a rainy day rescues a party boy from a group of 5 cowardly young men who are trying to beat him up and in return, he is guided to Crystal LOUNGE in Aoyama where Stereo Tokyo held their “BUBBLE PARTY” event on September 24, 2015 with “PARTY PEOPLE” being part of a 19-song setlist. Midway though, a bunch of senior citizens (party people from the past) join in and the foam machines are turned on! Coolest senior citizens ever! Some people might grow older but they never grow up!

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To give you an idea what Stereo Tokyo is like live, here is a video of a mini live from one of their release events at HMV in Shibuya on October 27, 2015. Just like in the MV for “PARTY PEOPLE”, the members are in the crowd dancing with their fans. This is just the kind of fun performance that has been making Stereo Tokyo one of the new groups to look out for on the Japanese music scene.

There is only one version of “PARTY PEOPLE/PARTY GOES ON” which includes the 2 songs.

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