STEREO JAPAN Celebrate Not Disbanding With a Bus Full of Party People in the MV for “Dancing Again”!

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STEREO JAPAN Celebrate Not Disbanding With a Bus Full of Party People in the MV for “Dancing Again”!

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STEREO JAPAN live to dance another day in the MV for their 2nd single “Dancing Again” (release date: May 4)!

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With the finale of their release events for their single on May 29, 2016 as the central theme, the MV for “Dancing Again” is a collage of footage showing Stereo TOKYO and the Party People (fans) in a bus driving through the streets of Tokyo. Arriving at ELE TOKYO, the results are announced: 4,880 CDs sold! The response is overwhelming to hear such a number but, when their goal was to sell 10,000 CDs and disband the group, not even making it halfway there is sort of a victory? Getting back on the party bus, Stereo JAPAN and the VIP Party People (who paid 15,000 yen each) cruise through the streets of Tokyo before returning to Shibuya to bring things to a close.

Here are some screencaps!

For more backstory on Stereo Japan’s situation regarding this single, read the article shown below.

Stereo Tokyo Protest Stale Idol Culture with Shocking Disbandment Challenges!

Stereo Japan Cross the (Finish) Line in the Documentary-Style MV for “RUN”!

Here is footage from the event at ELE TOKYO.

While it was kind of exciting and confusing as to why a group would employ such ridiculous tactics, especially ones which seemed counterintuitive, Stereo JAPAN has not only managed to create a buzz about them, it was an experience which many of their Party People will not soon forget! With the threat of disbandment gone for now, expect to see a lot more of Stereo JAPAN in the near future!

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