Stereo Japan Cross the (Finish) Line in the Documentary-Style MV for “RUN”!

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Stereo Japan Cross the (Finish) Line in the Documentary-Style MV for “RUN”!

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Stereo Japan pick apart another element of Japanese idol culture in the MV for “RUN” from their “make or break” single “Dancing Again” (release date: May 4)!

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For more backstory on Stereo Japan’s situation regarding this single, read the article shown below.

Stereo Tokyo Protest Stale Idol Culture with Shocking Disbandment Challenges!

The MV is a montage of DJ Nanako Miura’s “marathon” on April 17, 2016 which she had to complete in order to prevent Stereo Tokyo from disbanding. Even though it was believed that Nanako would be running the entire 42.195 km marathon, the “party people” (fans) who showed up at the start line in Sagamihara, Kanagawa were given the opportunity to run in her place. The van which was used to transport the other members also had forms that fans could fill out to reserve copies of “Dancing Again”.

For every 5 CDs, they could run 1km for Nanako, who runs all of 50m before handing off her sash to a fan who reserved 35 copies and proceeded to run 7km right off the bat!

It isn’t until after the members of Stereo Tokyo stop in at a Bikkuri Donkey for hamburger steak lunches that Nanako really had to run again.

In addition to Nanako’s “marathon” being broadcast on SHOWROOM, Stereo Japan’s Twitter account seemed to be insulting the same fans who were helping them by paying money to reserve CDs and running in the pouring rain.

Naturally, those tweets referring to the fans as “otaku”, posting pictures of the members eating snacks and relaxing in the van next to pictures of the fans running or reserving CDs caused quite a commotion online.

You can see more of the pictures in the Japanese language report by OTOTOY as well.

With Nanako having “successfully completed” the marathon, the only thing (so far) that will keep the group from disbanding at ELE Tokyo on May 29, 2016 is if they manage to sell 10,000 copies or more of “Dancing Again”. If you want to do your part to help them disband, there is a link at the bottom of the article where you can pre-order it. In the case that you want them to keep being a group, don’t buy it. Whatever the reasons for Stereo Tokyo employing these tactics are, they’re definitely not boring! Have they gone too far or have they just begun?

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