STARMARIE’s One-Man Live Show Made Great Success & Announcement to Perform in China Next

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STARMARIE’s One-Man Live Show Made Great Success & Announcement to Perform in China Next

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5 members idol group STARMARIE performed in Taiwan for their “STARMARIE ASIA TOUR 2015” ~FANTASTIC~ powered by e-earphone, stirring up the Local-vs-Band show on April 17, and performing in conjunction with NOTTV Music Nyt on April 18 at Taipei Expo Park. Decked out in their new original costumes designed by Hasidume Momo, STARMARIE arrived onstage to wild applause from a packed venue. The highlight of the show was the wild encore calls from audience members who had not previously heard of STARMARIE. Long lines formed at the greeting session after the organizers cleared out for the second stage.

starmarie-taiwan-teiki-02 starmarie-taiwan-teiki-01

Fans packed the meet and greet session afterwards at the Moon Romantic Restaurant on April 18. The girls went on to perform their exclusive show at PIPE Live Music to culminate their Taiwan expedition. The show was a wild success due to the exposure from their Local-vs-Band Touch The Japan ticket sales.

STARMARIE came on stage after the opening performance by guest, Hazuki. Introductions were made after “Mimicry Nero” and “A mad dance in the moonlight” STARMARIE went on to perform “Good Morining Hamamura Show”, ” Splendid Alibi of the Emperor”, “Professor Honda’s Dying Message”. The energy continued to rise during “Let’s Find Work in a Haunted House”, “Mole Mystery Tour”, and “Bread Factory of Tears “Concel Kamata””.

Kotone Mai, who performed earlier on the same stage, captivated the audience, after which STARMARIE reappeared. They performed seventeen songs in succession without any MC breaks: “Who Killed Circus”, “The Three-starred Restaurant -Paul’s invitation”, “Cinderela can live only 124 days the rest of her life”, “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou” the energy level kept rising. Sandwiching the background music a little, they went on to perform “Vocaloid Is in Love”, “My mom is a super guitarist” “Good-Bye Obento”,” Portrait of Beautiful Reona”, “GrandfatherGrandfather”.


In response to encore calls from the audience, STARMARIE did their FANTASTIC pose (a signature of their Asia tour) for a photo op, and then went on to their finale: “Net Auction Babies” – their new single to be released on May 27 -, “Andromeda propose”, and “House of a Nameless Star”.

©e☆earphone Ryota Nishi

©e☆earphone Ryota Nishi

After their show, the crowd cheered excitedly at the announcement of their upcoming performances at the Taipei PIPE Live Music Taiwan festival on July 4 and 5, and anime fair in Zhuhai (first appearance in mainland China) on October 3rd and 4th. According to local Taiwanese fans, they are the first Japanese idols to perform regularly in Taiwan.

Now back in Japan, STARMARIE participated in Honkaku Ongaku Joshi Festival on April 21, and perform at Niku-Fest on the 26th, a women-only event on the same date, and Hamamatsu One Man (exclusive show) and national large-scale event on April 29. On May 9 and 10, they will perform at Indonesia’s ENNICHISAI 2015 CLAS:H Culture Stage. This will be followed by performances in Osaka on May 23, Nagoya on June 14, and Tokyo on June 22.

On May 27, in the midst of their Japan tour, STARMARIE will release their new song “Net Auction Babies” on NOTTV Music Information Show “Music Nyt”, the first on the new label.


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