Summer Rocket Lead People to Endless Summer in the MV “Natsu no Triangle”!

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Summer Rocket Lead People to Endless Summer in the MV “Natsu no Triangle”!

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Launched on July 24th, 2016, Summer Rocket revealed the first MV “Natsu no Triangle”. Be sure to check out their fresh performance and cosplays!

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Summer Rocket is an upstart idol group consisting of 6 members, kill you!, Wanabi Ai(I wanna be), Reina Nanami, Conomi Natsunagi, Shinano Shinonome, and Kurumi Momomiya. Their sound is produced by Manatsu Nagahara and Ariri Kudo from SEBASTIAN X. Covering “Natsuyasumi wa Owaranai” by Onyanko Club, their performance makes people feel good old but still up-to-date in some way.

Aiming to offer endless summer as their theme, the group now gathers huge attention among idol fans. They are scheduled to have a concert in Okinawa in September 19th and appear on the event with upstart but already popular idol groups like Yanakoto Sotto Mute, Let’s Poco Poco, and BiS. It might be just a matter of time that they gain huge popularity.

The song in the MV can be download from here for free. In addition, you can see the photos of them in their official website. Although summer almost came to end in Japan, but Summer Rocket will lead people to endless summer.

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