NEVER ENDING SUMMER: Summer Rocket 1st Anniversary Concert Live Report!

Summer Rocket 1周年記念ライブレポート ーわたしずっと夏でいるー
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NEVER ENDING SUMMER: Summer Rocket 1st Anniversary Concert Live Report!

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Summer Rocket celebrated their 1st anniversary with two-man live performance with Mellow Green Wonder at Shimokitazawa SHELTER on July 24, 2017.

Mellow Green Wonder actually came out on the same day as Summer Rocket. The two groups have often appeared on the same event since their debut. It is more than coincidence that they celebrated each other as a peer.

Calling out “Summer Rocket Lift Off!”, the group suddenly jumped on the stage. Their new costume, sky-blue colored one-piece, suited well for them whose concept is an endless summer.

The first part was composed by the tunes overflowing with the power of pop music. The exhilarating feeling like driving along the coastline enveloped the audience. The summer everyone thinks of suddenly emerged.

The choreography like a doll is a distinguishing trait in the new song “Rhythm Magical”. Along with its pop feeling, the stage looked like a park attraction.

“Kirisaite” was the other new song. The choreography that they created puzzle rings by their bodies was like a conceptual art that can not be performed with the ordinary power of expression. The group opened up a new world different from their typical joyous mood.

Summer Rocket closed the main part with their self titled song “Summer Rocket”. This song forms the core of the group.

“You can run faster than the speed of light without any reason or logic”

Repeating this phrase several times in the song, the lyricist, Manatsu Nagahara, wished their success as a idol group upon the star. As they tried to meet her expectations, their performance was full of confidence.


Photo by Takahiko Yoshimoto

The encore call again put the two group back at the stage. The two group covered each songs and the curtain closed on the two and a half hour live.

It is sure that the members have been searching for their guiding principle as a member of Summer Rocket and also as an idol. Being anxious about their behavior, they should have made their best endeavors to personify an endless summer. The fast-moving days they experienced up to here should be a rite of passage into a respectable idol.

The girls with a troubled look whom I have met just a year ago were gone.
Their summer never ends. Our summer also never ends.


01.Taiyou no Alia
02.Roadstar Touhikou
03.Natsu no Triangle
04.Sakura Halation
05.Summer Time Kill
06.Rhythm Magical
07.Poolside no Iruka
09.Summer Rocket
EN01.Poolside no Iruka with Mellow Green Wonder
EN02.September 18 with Mellow Green Wonder


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