Once Again: Idol Hip-Hop Renaissance Blasts Off at “ILLNINAL vol.2” Release Party!

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Once Again: Idol Hip-Hop Renaissance Blasts Off at “ILLNINAL vol.2” Release Party!

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Celebrating the release of “ILLNINAL vol.2”, E TICKET PRODUCTION and IDOL NEWSING held “IDOL NEWSING LIVE 4” at Daikanyama LOOP on November 5, 2017. Summer Rocket and Idol Renaissance who took part in the single along with Happy Kuru Kuru and Hakoiri♡Musume were the performers for the day.

The “ILLNINAL” series features different idols on each song as Gravure idol Hikaru Aoyama (sherbet) and Rei Malaika Kazama and Fuuka Kanzaki (sora tob sakana) were featured on “ILLNINAL vol.1”. This is the live report of the release party of “ILLNINAL vol.1” (English only).

Happy Kuru Kuru

Following by the introduction by E TICKET PRODUCTION, Happy Kuru Kuru appeared on the stage with their 8-bit powered intro music. Even with so many idols wearing fluorescent colored outfits, they have attracted the attention of many, due to the affinity of the costume for the music.

Yunomi, one of the most important figures in the idol industry, composes their songs with extreme splashes of pop and dance music. Combining their onstage performance with the music, Happy Kuru Kuru constitutes their playful worldview. Their bubbly and energetic performance steamed off the winter chill lingering in the venue.

01.Hello! my Universe?
02.Magical Girl
03.Sky Shooter
04.Hambunko Hanabi
05.Perfect Tripper

Summer Rocket

Summer Rocket, who had also performed at “ILLNINAL vol.1”, kept the heat on with their return performance. Wearing pale blue dresses, they seemed poised to let the summer wind blow through the venue as they did a few weeks earlier but, the mood was quite different this time around. Kicking off their stage with “Summertime Kill”, they rushed into “Kirisaite” and “Sakura Halation” which reminded me of nostalgic memories rather than brisk summer days.

During their latest track “Otome-za Ryuseigun”, Kurumi Momomiya’s shout of, “I decided just to make the best of it”, strummed a deep sympathetic chord with the audience. This echoed the thoughts of Summer Rocket’s producer SEBASTIAN X who believes that they will continue to grow in popularity due to their heartfelt performances.

01.Summertime Kill
03.Sakura Halation
04.Rhythm Magical
05.Otome-za Ryuseigun
06.Poolside no Iruka

Idol Renaissance

Idol Renaissance, fresh off their successful solo concert at Differ Ariake on October 28th, appeared next. Riko Ishino was absent due to her schedule, so they group performed with 7 members, beginning with “Taiyo to Shinzo”, a Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra cover. The members pulled in the audience as they sang together, reminding me of the true charm of their concept “Meikyoku Renaissance”.

They rushed through 7 songs in a row, concluding with “17-sai”. While the absence of Riko Ishino takes away a vital component of the group, the other members, especially Suzuka Harada who took over most of Riko’s lines, are improving day by day. With the announcement of their second original song to be released in 2018, Idol Renaissance continues to be one of the groups to watch in the Japanese music scene.

01.Taiyo to Shinzo
02.Koukan Note
05.Koisuru Kankaku
06.Kinyoubi no Ohayou


The atmosphere was totally changed by Hakoiri♡Musume in their pale colored dresses as they invited the audience into their world with their recently debuted original song “Hoshi Furu Yoru no Shoutaijou”. Cuter songs like “Koi no Chapter A to Z” and “Hannin wa Anata desu” followed, pulling them in even tighter.

The latter half was filled with emotional songs, evidenced by the expressive lyrics of “Hako Ippai no Present” and “Sayonara no Priere”. Performing “Yakusoku no Ponytail” a cover by Eriko Miura who also was a member of CoCo, the members disappeared from the stage with a cheerful, “Gokigenyou” (the old way of saying good-bye in Japanese), releasing the 30-minute spell that they had cast upon Daikanyama LOOP.

01.Hoshifuru Yoru no shoutaijou
02.Koi no Chapter A to Z
03.Hannin wa Anata desu?
04.Hako Ippai no Present
05.Sayonara no Priere
06.Yakusoku no Ponytail

Maina Minamibata and Yumeka Nomoto (Mai-Yume) from Idol Renaissance kicked off the finale of the event. Before rushing into their song “BEAT ME”, they taught the audience the choreography to the chorus. Keeping their soft and gentle atmosphere, they tried their best to be “ILL”, which seemed really lovely. Summer Rocket followed and expressed their theme of an endless summer through rapping with Chiari Kiryu taking the lead, following an intense crash course in “bad hip-hop” as advised by E TICKET PRODUCTION.

The 3 rookie MCs joined up and finished up the set with “ILLNINAL”. Before leaving the stage, Maina called Ai Wanabi from Summer Rocket to say her catch phrase “Matteru-nyan” together, much to the delight of the fans. After a series of encore claps, Mai-Yume again performed “BEAT ME” to conclude the event. Neither Minamibata and Nomoto nor Summer Rocket would normally be “ILL” outside of this unique project so it was a rare event to see a different side to them. Release events for the single have been announced (details below), so don’t miss out on the chance to see them get “ILL” once again!

01.BEATS ME feat.Maina Minamibata & Yumeka Nomoto
02.HANABI feat.Summer Rocket
03.ILLNINAL feat.Maina Minamibata & Yumeka Nomoto,Summer Rocket
EN01.BEATS ME feat.Maina Minamibata & Yumeka Nomoto

Photo by Fuchizaki

Event Information

November 17, 2017 (Friday) 7:45pm
Tower Record Kinshicho

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