Eat Like Royalty: 5 Places in Tokyo With King-Sized Sweets

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Eat Like Royalty: 5 Places in Tokyo With King-Sized Sweets

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You’ve seen giant bowls of ramen and plates piled high with mountains of golden brown fried chicken. Japan’s oomori (literally “large serving”) eating culture makes its presence known with its ridiculously sized portions, served to hungry patrons who have an extremely huge appetite.

But don’t forget about Japan’s love for sweets! It’s not just the savory food that gets the jumbo treatment. Many places in Tokyo serve extra-large sized desserts too. What better way to end your meal than with a giant parfait, right? Of course, these enormous sweets aren’t exactly for the faint of heart.

Cream puff

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Cream puffs are small, delicate choux pastries perfect for tea time. But what about a giant cream puff ten times bigger than usual? Hachinoya Curry in Ginza is a place where such a fantasy becomes reality. Weighing in at 2 kilograms, it’s not a snack to be taken lightly. Inside isn’t just an endless pool of custard either, but there’re seven varieties of fruits for an even more colorful eating experience. Sweets lovers who want to challenge this mammoth cream puff must make a reservation a week in advance.

Hachinoya Curry official site:

Soft serve ice cream

Summer is approaching, and so is the craving for sweet, cold ice cream. There’re plenty of places in Tokyo where you can get a delicious scoop of soft serve ice cream to cool down with. How about eight scoops? Daily Chiko is a stand hidden in the basement of Nakano Broadway boasts a variety of flavors from strawberry to chocolate to matcha, and if you can’t decide on one you can combine them all into one colossal ice cream tower. This is one epic treat for ice cream fans, but be careful not to let it fall.

Get a Taste at Daily Chiko in Nakano Broadway! This 8-Flavors-in-One Ice Cream is Genius

Cotton candy

In the throbbing center of Takeshita-dori, Harajuku’s teen fashion mecca, is one of the trendiest and most photogenic sweets you can find in Tokyo. Every day people line up at Totti Candy Factory to get their hands on the huge, pastel-colored candy floss that’s been making its rounds on social media. The giant treat comes in 3 or 4 colors, or even in a heart shape, and is extremely popular with both locals and tourists.

Totti Candy Factory official site:



All-you-can-eat pizza chain Shakey’s goes all out with its Big Parfait, served in an oversized 1,800cc pitcher stuffed with huge scoops of ice cream and topped with whipped cream. Dig in with your spoon and you’ll find a plentiful bounty of brownies, marshmallows and cornflakes. And of course, more ice cream! Bring your friends to eat this giant parfait, and make sure they’re hungry!

Shakey’s official site:


Eggs n' Things Japan

Eggs n’ Things Japan

What do you put on your pancakes? Butter, jam, or a drizzle of maple syrup? At Hawaii-born restaurant Eggs n’ Things, they pile on a spectacular mountain of whipped cream even bigger than the pancake stack itself. The colossal serving of cream is an iconic feature of Eggs n’ Thing’s pancakes, and is well-loved for its incredibly airy texture and sweet taste. Before you know it, you might’ve finished it all.

Eggs n’ Things official site:

If you want a fun food challenge in Tokyo, look no further and try out the epic desserts at one of these eateries. Each is made with soul and a sense of adventure, and will be an unforgettable experience for your stomach.

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