Spring into the New Season with Limited Edition Sakura Sweets

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Spring into the New Season with Limited Edition Sakura Sweets

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Japan is on the brink of spring, and the trees are slowly and surely getting ready to bloom. Soon they will turn into a sea of pink when the sakura (cherry blossom) flowers unfurl their petals all across the country. Spring brings about new beginnings—and new sweets, as confectioners and companies celebrate the transient beauty of the sakura.


The famous cheese tart is always on the mark with new and seasonal flavors, and this spring is no exception. The arrival of cherry blossoms is preceded by the PABLO mini Sakura Mochi cheese tarts, the perfect addition to your picnic basket. Within the flaky crust is a generous mound of cheese filling and sakura paste, topped with an elegant sakura “flower”.

It’s not just limited to cheese tarts either! PABLO has also come up with a Sakura Melting Cheese Pudding, an exquisitely made pudding with sweet sakura sauce. The creamy pink colors will make you fall in love with the new season.

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If there’s one reason to visit Starbucks in Japan, it’s to get your hands on their yearly lineup of sakura-themed sweets and beverages. The Sakura Strawberry Pink Milk Latte is sprinkled with shaved pink and white chocolate that looks just like a faint scattering of sakura petals across the whipped cream. Meanwhile the icy Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino delights with a special “Sakura Mochi” sauce for a gentle flavor.

Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a range of pink sweets—the Sakura Donut and Sakura Chiffon Cake are a must-try this season.

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Ginza Cozy Corner


Ginza Cozy Corner’s Sakura Cake is a simple classic in pretty pink—sandwiched between the sakura sponge layers is a medley of sakura-flavored cream and strawberries. The red bean cream also gives it a uniquely traditional flavor that makes this a dessert to remember. Apart from the Sakura Cake, there are also several other varieties including the Sakura Mille Crepe and Sakura Matcha Cake.

Ginza Cozy Corner official website:

Pie face

Even the pies are expressing their excitement for spring! Limited only to Japan’s branches, the Mochimochi Sakura Warabi Mochi pie is a new flavor at Pie Face. The elegant sweetness of sakura mochi is complemented by the playful face of the pie, which has a cherry blossom petal in place of its mouth.

Pie face official website:


Bingsu is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert, recently brought to Tokyo by popular international chain Sulbing. For this spring season they’re serving a new Matcha Sakura version; the sweet powder-like shaved ice is loaded with sakura mochi-flavored ice cream and daifuku mochi in a deliciously bittersweet affair. It’s an extravagant flavor exclusive to Japan this season, so you know you’re trying something special!

Sulbing official website:

Don’t wait for the cherry blossoms to fall to try them out—spring welcomes the sweetness of fresh starts, and these new desserts are the perfect way to revel in the charm of spring. Pick some out for your picnic basket and head out to see the sakura in bloom!

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