Reason for Existing? Trailer for “Sonzai no Riyu DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48” Revealed!

Reason for Existing? Trailer for “Sonzai no Riyu DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48” Revealed!

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AKB48 gives a preview of their “most dangerous documentary” to date with the trailer for “Sonzai no Riyu DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48” which opens in theaters across Japan on July 8, 2016!

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With the title translating to “reason for existence”, director Shin Ishihara (Idol no Namida DOCUMENTARY of SKE48), talks to members, former members, and industry leaders (including Tsunku♂) to examine the factors behind the group’s success and their prospects for the future as they move into their next decade.

The poster for “Sonzai no Riyu DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48” shows second generation General Manager Yui Yokoyama with her megaphone and the questions, “Why has AKB48 continued for 10 years?” and “Will AKB48 continue for another 10 years?” imposed over her.


With several major graduations, particularly former General Director Minami Takahashi and original Team K members Ayaka Umeda, Sae Miyazawa in 2016 as well as the recent graduation announcement of Haruna Kojima at Hard Off Eco Stadium Niigata on June 18th, the future of AKB48 is certainly of concern. Having risen to being the top idol group in Japan, performing on the largest stages in the country, and appearing on television and advertisements, will AKB48 be able to continue their success as the promise of the “next generation” has yet to be fully realized? Find out the answers on July 8th!

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