Sandy Beaches! Mermaids! Flying Whales? SNH48 Heat Up Summer With The MV for “Dream Land”!

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Sandy Beaches! Mermaids! Flying Whales? SNH48 Heat Up Summer With The MV for “Dream Land”!

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2016 proved to be another year without AKB48 filming a tropical MV for their late-spring/early-summer election single as they instead chose to travel back in time with “Tsubasa wa Iranai”. Once again, SNH48 filled the void with another MV set on a beach, this time flying to Mauritius for their 12th EP and second original song “Dream Land” (梦想岛) (release date: May 20)!


Since YouTube is not accessible in China, these are not from SNH48’s Official Channel (because there isn’t one). We apologize if the links stop working or the videos are removed. The MVs may also be seen on SNH48’s Official site. At the very least, you can copy-paste the Chinese titles of the songs to search for more versions if that happens?

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Additional link for the MV

The members of SNH48 find themselves on a tropical island surrounded by greenery and flying whales and fish?!?! With floating teacups, several members turning into mermaids, and wild animals, it’s definitely a “Dream Land”. Finding several special items, the separate teams meet up in a castle and beams of light shoot out from the altar. It turns out it was all a game! Jumanji!

Here are some screencaps!

SNH48’s 3rd General Election promises to be their biggest one yet as newly formed BEJ48 (Beijing) and GNZ48 (Guangzhou) will be among the hopefuls at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai on July 30th when the results are announced.

Track List

01 Dream Land (梦想岛)
02 LaLaLa(Team SII)
03 Zhuan Shu Pai Dui (专属派对) (Team NII)
04 Xia Ri Ji Dong (夏日悸动) (Team HII)
05 Xiang Yu De Ji Jie (相遇的季节) (Team X)
06 Lian Ai Wei Dao (恋爱味道) (Team XII)

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