Sinka Juliani Jubilant in Jakarta as Victor of JKT48’s First Janken Tournament!

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Sinka Juliani Jubilant in Jakarta as Victor of JKT48’s First Janken Tournament!

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On August 19, 2016, JKT48 hosted its first Janken Tournament in Jakarta to determine the 16 senbatsu members for the group’s 14th single. There is a lot at stake, as the winner of the tournament will also be able to participate in the “AKB48 Group Janken Tournament 2016”, which will be held on October 10, 2016, in Kobe.

The members poured their thoughts into their outfits and costumes, and battled one another for a precious spot in senbatsu.

Team KIII’s Sinka Juliani emerged as the winner by the end of the battles. She joined the group as a 2nd Generation Member, and is very popular among fans. She ranked 17th in the group’s 3rd Senbatsu Election and was the center for Under Girls. With skills and luck, she won the center spot in her first trip to senbatsu.

Comments from Sinka Juliani:
I was not even thinking about winning. I’m really happy with the results because I have never had the chance to be in senbatsu.
I still can’t believe that I won it all and will become center.
I’m really looking forward to meet AKB48 members, and I’m definitely aiming to be in the unit senbatsu!

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