Homecoming for Haruka Nakagawa! JKT48 Performs in AKB48 Theater for First Time!

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Homecoming for Haruka Nakagawa! JKT48 Performs in AKB48 Theater for First Time!

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JKT48 took the stage at the AKB48 Theater for the first time with a pair of performances on October 15th and 16th. Fans from Japan and Indonesia gathered for what was to be the first and last time for Team T captain Haruka Nakagawa at the venue as a member of JKT48.

While the lyrics for the performance of “Boku no Taiyou” was entirely in Japanese, the members showed the results of their hard work as they introduced themselves in Japanese. Even though they were not perfect and made some mistakes, the fans received them with warm applause and cheers. On the first day (October 15), JKT48 performed “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” for the first time, with Nakagawa in the center position. This was followed up by Nakagwawa leading the group in “Yume no Kawa”, the song made popular by its use as Atsuko Maeda’s graduation song in 2012.

Nakagawa became overwhelmed with emotion when her fellow AKB48 3rd generation members Miku Tanabe and Aika Ota made a surprise appearance to present her with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her impending graduation. The upcoming publication of Nakagawa’s autobiography tracing her life as a member of AKB48 and following her adventures as she traveled to Jakarta to become a vital member of JKT48. The book is slated to be released at the end of December 2016.

Haruka Nakagawa’s comments:

I am so happy to be able to perform at the AKB48 Theater where I was “born and raised” for my graduation. Because this is probably the last time I’ll be here, of course I’m feeling sad. I’m really happy that I made the bold decision to leave Japan and go to Jakarta 4 years ago. My world got bigger and I was able to mature; being able to see the fans in Japan like this is a dream come true. Finally, I was given the privilege of singing “Yume no Kawa”; I sang it while hoping that I can graduate as an example for the members of JKT48 as they keep moving forward. I will continue to do my best until December. Please keep supporting JKT48.


Participating Members

Alicia Chanzia (Team KIII)
Ayana Shahab (Team J)
Beby Chaesara Anadila (Team J)
Cindy Yuvia (Team KIII)
Devi Kinal Putri (Team KIII)
Haruka Nakagawa (Team T)
Jessica Vania (Team J)
Jessica Veranda (Team J)
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Team J)
Michelle Christo Kusnadi (Team T)
Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia (Team J)
Ratu Vienny Fitrilya (Team KIII)
Shania Junianatha (Team J)
Shani Indira Natio (Team T)
Sinka Juliani (Team KIII)
Thalia Ivanka (Team J)

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