JKT48 Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Commemorates the Graduation of Haruka Nakagawa

JKT48 Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Commemorates the Graduation of Haruka Nakagawa

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JKT48 bid farewell to Haruka Nakagawa while celebrating the group’s 5th anniversary with a concert at Trans Luxury Convention Center in Bandung, Indonesia on December 17, 2016.


With all 68 members of JKT48 taking the stage and 3,000 fans packed into the venue, the event titled “B・E・L・I・E・V・E”, was full of the bonds and dreams forged through the 5 years since the group’s debut in 2011. Opening with their 15th single “Saiko kayo” and “JKT Festival”, the set list took the fans on a journey through the different emotions experienced by AKB48’s first overseas group (“doubt”, “struggle and tears”, “happiness and love”, “challenge”, and “dreams”) summarized in their debut song “RIVER”.

Rina Chikano (aka Siti Rinayanti) dressed in a sparkling red dress put on a Dangdut performance. This was followed by performances by JKT Band (“Mae Shika Mukanee”), and other unit songs.

The encore began with “Gomenne, SUMMER” and “Oogoe Diamond”, songs which JKT48 first performed back when Nakagawa first joined the group in 2012. Wearing a long dress covered in sunflowers, Nakagawa had emotions in the venue spilling over as she haltingly sang “Yume no Kawa”. Reading a letter she had written, she shared her thanks for the fans and other members for supporting her during her time in Jakarta. This was followed up by the established graduation song “Sakura no Hanabiratachi”.

Shaking off their tears, JKT48 continued the encore with “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie”, Nakagawa’s first song as the center member, bringing the day to an end with “Heavy Rotation”.

Haruka Nakagawa will graduate from JKT48 at the JKT48 Theater at the end of December. While there are sure to be many fans saddened by the end of her 10 years as an idol, as the 7th most influential woman on Twitter according to Brandwatch, the world has definitely not seen the last of her.

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