Silent Siren Cross Borders and Touch Hearts With Music! Asia Tour in Taiwan and Hong Kong a Great Success!

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Silent Siren Cross Borders and Touch Hearts With Music! Asia Tour in  Taiwan and Hong Kong a Great Success!

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Silent Siren was in Taiwan on July 17th (Friday) and Hong Kong on July 19th as part of their Asia tour. Their visit to Taiwan and Hong Kong were in addition to their all-Japan tour which started in April 2015 and will come to a grand finale at NHK Hall in Tokyo on July 24th.




Their performance on July 17th (Friday) was the girls’ very first time performing in Taiwan with the concert taking place at the live house, THE WALL.


The total number of local fans that gathered in Taiwan, including both local fans and fan club members from Japan, was more than 300. Even before their live concert began, the words “SIREN, SIREN” could be heard ringing through the crowd. At their very first live in Taiwan, you could clearly feel the enthusiasm and excitement in their air, even before the girls even stepped on stage.


Before the doors to the venue opened, you could see a long line of excited local fans just waiting to get heir hands on some of the band’s goods.


A major point to note about this live concert is that there was a bus covered in a Sai Sai’s (Silent Siren’s) banner, with the centre of Taipei dyed in the colours of Sai Sai, as a result of the array of colourful, hand-written fans held by Sai Sai lovers and supporters. You could certainly feel just how well-recognised the band was there just from one quick sweep through the heart of the city.


At last the concert began, hitting off on schedule at 7pm. as the siren rang to mark the start of the concert, the place was filled with screams of support and, like their National tour in Japan, Sai Sai kicked off the concert with their song “Kakumei“.


The MC came in with these introductions said in Chinese: “Hello! We are Silent Siren!” which was then followed by each member’s well-versed self-introductions in Chinese. The Suu (vocals/guitar) declared, “There’s no doubt that it will be a fantastic day so let’s get super excited!”, and with this the entire place was induced into great excitement.



Even after that MC, all members were able to eat lots of local foods such as soup dumplings and mango flavoured shaved ice. They also tried their hand at things such as shrimp fishing, shopping at the famous night markets, eating stinky tofu and getting a foot massage at night. With all these fun activities it was reported that the girls felt that they eat, played and explored to their heart’s desires during their free time in Taipei. When the girls asked the audience “How much more is there to do in Taiwan?” most of the place was then filled with raised hands in response.


“Ainyan” (bass) said “Despite it being Sai Sai’s first concert in Taiwan, the response from all the fans was very positive, it was dynamic and I felt very impressed by it all”. In addition to this, Suu commented with “this is only the 2nd time performing overseas, and sometimes I hear the saying ‘music has no borders’, but with this live concert I really felt it to be true!”



Halfway through the concert the girls performed a Chinese version of “Lucky Girl“, making the local fans particularly happy. After that, during the MC section, the girls quickly got into enjoying an exchange between them and their fans via a Q&A corner where they answered questions from the audience which were translated for them. Through questions such as “Will you come to Taiwan to do another live concert next year” and “Do you want to have a concert at a bigger venue?” You could feel the local fans’ strong love for Sai Sai.



The act of holding hands is a custom in Japan during a live concert is a sort of custom, where fans hold hands and sing along to the tunes of a song together. At the concert in Taiwan, you could feel a sense of unity throughout the audience.


Suu made a profound comment saying “Through music, we can become one with even those that we don’t know”. The girls said “With all of our fans coming here and singing with us, we were able to do our best. We want more of the people in the world to come know to our music and we want to give our fans a gift.”


The final song they performed was “Guru Guru Wonderland“. Of course, there was Sai Sai towel spinning while they performed this song. The towels spinning in the audience were indeed a colourful site to see. Naturally, this song was also performed in Chinese.



As soon as it was over the fans began shouting “Encore! “Encore!” In response to this, the girls came out wearing the tour T-shirts that they had just changed into. After coming out on stage, the girls performed their new song “Hachigatsu no yoru“, which is set to release on August 5th. They then got the audience rearing with excitement almost like they were at a festival by shouting “Let’s do this!” before they went on to perform their song “What show is it?” Sai Sai then ended the concert with their popular summer song “Bii-san“. After the concert the girls gathered some fans and participated in some fun photo taking to mark the end of the concert. The members then made a bold promise just before leaving the stage with “We will be back. We promise.”


On July 18th, Hong Kong had their time with Sai Sai. The concert took place at the same venue as last year, Music Zone@E-max. The day before the concert Sai Sai participated in a talk show at the local shopping mall Dragon Centre, where plenty of reporters and other mass media had gathered. The girls were thus able to get great coverage and promotion in preparation for their 2nd concert in Hong Kong.


In addition, the members made a special prayer for their Hong Kong live by cutting a roasted pig in half from its head to tail with one quick blow. Suu commented with “Last year we also had a live concert at the same venue but the number of fans that have come to support us has doubled hasn’t it? I feel so happy!”. She then went on to say “I felt so much love here, it was an absolutely fantastic night!” With this, all Sai Sai members and their fans left the venue with big smiles and the live concert came to an end, being a great success overall.


On January 17, 2015, the girls also showed great success by being the fastest girls’ band in history to perform at the legendary Nippon Budokan. Just recently, the girls’ sang a cover of ZONE’s “Secret base~kimi ga kureta mono“, which was coupled with their song “Hachigatsu no yoru” (to be released on August 5th), which was quite a topic after becoming the ending theme song for the live-action that was based on the anime “Ano Hana“.


Silent Siren will be leading the theme song of 2 movies from the movie series “School commute” – “School commute by train” and “On the way to school” which is scheduled to be released in November this year. The reputation of these girls is already skyrocketing across Asia, so here on out its only a matter of time before that stardom brings them on a tour around the world.


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