Silent Siren Shine Brightly in the Glittery MV for “Fujiyama Disco”
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Silent Siren set the dancefloor ablaze with the MV for “Fujiyama Disco” (release date: March 1), their first single since moving to EMI Records!

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Featuring mostly performance shots of Silent Siren with Mt. Fuji in the background, “Fujiyama Disco” is a funky little party tune. Other scenes show the members posing around various locations in Tokyo with a mirror ball. There are also some kind of unnecessary scenes with a non-Japanese woman dressed up in Japanese style doing the robot dance. Music for “Fujiyama Disco” was composed by Silent Siren, lyrics are by Yukako Kurosaka, and arrangement is by Naoki Kubo.

“Fujiyama Disco” will be released in 2 limited editions, a regular version, and a fan club exclusive version. Limited edition Type-A includes a DVD with 5 songs from their December 30, 2016 concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium: “Hachi-gatsu no Yoru”, “Strawberry Moon”, “What show is it?”, “Guru Guru Wonderland”, and “Cherry Bomb” as well as a live documentary video. Limited edition Type-B includes a DVD with the MV and making of video for “Fujiyama Disco”. The bonus tracks for the single are: “Love Balloon”, “Pandora”, and “Days.”.

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Silent Siren’s final album on Dream Music, “Silent Siren Selection” (release date: March 1) includes 31 songs selected by the members of the group. The limited edition includes a DVD with 23 MVs on it!

Silent Siren begins their 5th anniversary tour “Shin-Sekai” in June and it continues all the way until November with 2 days at Nippon Budokan. While no international dates have been added to it yet, expect big things from Silent Siren in 2017!

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