Silent Siren Paints Nippon Budokan Pink for Their Tour Finale!

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Silent Siren Paints Nippon Budokan Pink for Their Tour Finale!

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Girls’ rock band Silent Siren ended their winter tour “Silent Siren Live Tour 2014→2015 Fuyu ~ Budokan he GO! Siren GO!~” the way that many artists can only dream of, in front of a sold-out audience at the illustrious Nippon Budokan on January 17, 2015.


Not only was Silent Siren the fastest girl band to make it to Nippon Budokan (26 months after their major label debut) but, they managed to make it a sold out concert! Despite the members admitting to not being that nervous in a pre-show interview, vocalist/guitarist Sumire Yoshida (aka “Suu”) was in disbelief when she saw the arena “dyed pink” due to all the fans wearing T-shirts in Silent Siren’s characteristic hue, wondering out loud, “Is this reality?” Shortly before the concert began, a video showing the 4-year journey to the Budokan was shown and the audience was instructed to switch on the special wristbands they were given upon entering.

Sumire "Suu" Yoshida

Sumire “Suu” Yoshida

As Silent Siren took the stage, beginning with their major label debut single “Sweet Pop!”, the wristbands lit up and flashed different colors in accompaniment with the music, a sight made even more impressive given the coordinated movements of the fans.Each of the members was standing on a raised platform while performing and the reason behind it was revealed as Hinako Umemura’s (aka “Hinanchu”) drum set moved to the front of the stage pulling even with the other three members as Aina Yamauchi (aka “Ainyan”) slapped her bass and Suu leaned on her wah pedal during the solo for “Lucky Girl”. With the following song “LOVE no Shirushi”, Ainyan and Yukako Kurosaka’s (aka “Yukarun”) platforms moved to the corners of the stage.

Hinako "Hinanchu" Umemura

Hinako “Hinanchu” Umemura

Switching from her Jazzmaster to her Telecaster, Suu began strumming out the spanky intro to “stella☆” to keep the concert going. Yukarun began the first of many excursions from behind the keyboard stands, running around the stage dancing as the wristbands flashed turquoise and red. Suu ran to the front of the stage shooting soap bubbles and Yukarun lead the audience in the energetic dance to “Yumeoi” while she played her keytar. Yukarun kept things going as she taught the audience the cheer-like choreography for “LOVE FIGHTER!” before the four members took a break for “Saisai Corner”, a segment that is part of a Silent Siren performance no matter where they go.


With bungee jumping as the punishment for the loser, they launched into a hilarious and impressive rally of jankenpon acchi muite hoi (variation of janken where the winner tries to make the loser look where they point by sticking their finger close to their face and quickly pointing in a direction). Despite several creative feints and attempts to avoid looking, it was decided that Suu would be bungee jumping off of a bridge in the near future. In order to provide the audience a preview of the potential embarrassment that she would be experiencing in the future, Suu also did a hysterical impression of AKB48’s Atsuko Maeda before launching into the aggressive “Limited”. Silent Siren hit high gear as flames shot from the stage and Hinanchu’s drum set went all the way to the edge of the stage for her drum solo during the jam-like “Are you Ready?”. Silent Siren slowed things down with the delicate piano ballad “Koi Yuki” as fake snow fluttered down from the ceiling and stunned the lively audience into hushed awe with their emotional single “KAKUMEI” which had only come out days before the concert.

Aina "Ainyan" Yamauchi

Aina “Ainyan” Yamauchi

The energy of the concert revved back up as Hinanchu had her wish of having the audience do the wave at the Budokan granted, the wave wrapping from right to left and moving from front to back of the arena floor before it reversed and returned. The wristbands came back to life as the entire arena danced along to “DanceMusicQ” with Yukarun leading the way. Silent Siren showed off their biggest gong yet as they moved on to “China Kiss”, Ainyan’s bass dueling it out with Suu’s guitar. Giant balloons were batted around and exploded during “BANG!BANG!BANG” and CO2 jets shot out from the stage during “Soukai Rock”. Things got so hot in the Budokan that Suu’s guitar malfunctioned before Yukarun once again took to the front of the stage to lead the audience in an extended “wasshoi” (common saying at Japanese festivals) call-and-response during the festive ” What show is it?” The main concert ended with an extended rendition of “Guru Guru Wonderland”, Silent Siren challenging the audience to have them keep playing by stopping twice before they finally walked off stage.

Yukako "Yukarun" Kurosaka

Yukako “Yukarun” Kurosaka

Although it was the finale of their tour, dates for Silent Siren’s 2015 tour were announced on the screens. The arena let out a shout when dates for Taiwan and Hong Kong appeared on the screen. It seems like when one tour ends, another one is just around the corner.

Silent Siren moved to the small stage in the middle of the arena floor for the encore, joined by their producer Naoki Kubota for “Chiranai Hana”, the first song they ever wrote. Fans in the arena seats held up cards which formed the number “31” (Silent Siren’s number as it can be read as “sai”, the group is often called “sai-sai” for short). The encore ended in an explosion of pink confetti from the ceiling as the audience shouted back the call-and-response of “Biisan”. While making it to Nippon Budokan is a landmark achievement in the career of any musician, Sumire Yoshida noted that it was only the start line for bigger and better things in the future. If this was how far Silent Siren could come in only 4 years, it should be exciting to see where they will go from here!

Set List

01. Sweet Pop!
02. Lucky Girl
03. LOVE no Shirushi
04. stella☆
05. Yumeoi
07. Limited
08. 「Are you Ready?」
09. Koi Yuki
11. LOST.W
12. DanceMusicQ
13. China Kiss
15. Soukai Rock
16. What show is it?
17. All Right ~ “Ima” wo Kakeru
18. Guru Guru Wonderland

Chiranai Hana

Silent Siren Live Tour 2015 Spring Summer ~Siren VS Silent~

April 24 (Friday) Misato City Culture Hall (Saitama)
April 29 (Wednesday) Koriyama City Cultural Center (Fukushima)
April 30 (Thursday) Koriyama City Cultural Center (Fukushima)
May 6 (Wednesday) Hiroshima Aster Plaza (Hiroshima)
May 9 (Saturday) NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka)
May 10 (Sunday) NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka)
May 17 (Sunday) Ichikawa City Culture Hall (Chiba)
May 23 (Saturday) Maebashi Municipal Cultural Hall (Gunma)
May 30 (Saturday) Niigata LOTS (Niigata)
May 31 (Sunday) Niigata LOTS (Niigata)
June 4 (Thursday) Sendai Rensa (Miyagi)
June 7 (Sunday) Tochigi Education Center (Tochigi)
June 21 (Sunday) Nihon Tokushu Tougyou Shimin Hall Forest Hall (Aichi)
June 27 (Saturday) Sapporo City Hall (Hokkaido)
July 2 (Thursday) Fukuoka Convention Center (Fukuoka)
July 10 (Friday) Shibuya Public Hall (Tokyo)
July 11 (Saturday) Shibuya Public Hall (Tokyo)
July 17 (Friday) TBA (Taiwan)
July 19 (Sunday) TBA (Hong Kong)

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