Use the Thumb and the Forefinger and Lift Somebody’s Chin “Ago-kui” Boom Comes after “Kabe-don”?

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Use the Thumb and the Forefinger and Lift Somebody’s Chin “Ago-kui” Boom Comes after “Kabe-don”?

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“Kabe-don” was ranked in the top ten of the Buzz-word of the year of 2014. Facing a woman with her back on the wall, the man places his arm on the wall with the sound Don! (the sound of something hitting hard on the surface), with his face approaching to hers. This situation common in a girls’ comic is used in TV dramas and movies, and women who watch this scene always dream of this situation. See more details on Kabe-don in the article here!


On the other hand, a new “Mune-kyun” (heart-beating) action is being talked about. That is, using the thumb and the forefinger and lightly lifting somebody’s chin, known as “Ago-kui” (Ago means chin, and kui is an onomatopoeia for the sound of lifting the chin). Nozomi Maeda, also known as “Mae-non”, who is a model of the magazine “POPTEEN” has received attention for posting her “ago-kui” photo on twitter. Fans commented, “Mae-non’s ago-kui is so cute!” and “I’m in love with Mae-non’s ago-kui!”.



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Along with “Kabe-don”, it seems like women are exhilarated by men who are slightly forceful. The reason why “Ago-kui” is popular is because it is a more realistic situation than “Kabe-don”…? Some girls say “Ago-kui is one step before kissing, so that’s what makes it exciting”, or “It makes me exhilarated just by the act of lifting my chin”. There are also voices such as “It is more moe than Kabe-don!” or “I want someone to do it to me once!”, and it seems like “Ago-kui” is more popular among girls than “Kabe-don”.


Also, when the woman’s chin is lifted, the face becomes slanted and she will naturally glance upwards. This is definitely something that men like, and not only the girl being done “ago-kui” but the man will also experience their heart twinge. Why don’t you try this to your girlfriend once?

Translated by Serina

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