Shinigami Ryuk “PPAP” Dance Cover! Writes in Death Note With Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen!
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“Death Note Light Up the NEW World”, which claimed the top spot at the box office during its opening weekend, just got a Guinness Record-sized boost as the Shinigami Ryuk took on the viral hit song “PPAP”.

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For those who are fans of the Death Note series know, Shinigami love apples, which makes the collaboration seem like something that was bound to happen at some point with all the covers that have been made since the song first appeared on the Internet. In the comment video below, Piko-Taro jokes that he hopes that Ryuk did not write his name in the Death Note.

Contributor Wanted!!

Piko-Taro was recently honored by receiving a Guinness Record for “shortest song to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100” as “PPAP” is only 45-seconds long. An extended version of “PPAP” is available now and an album has been announced.

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PPAP / Piko Taro

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