Sapporo PARCO Collaborates With Piko-Taro for a New PPAP Menu & PPAP Coasters Giveaway!

Sapporo PARCO Collaborates With Piko-Taro for a New PPAP Menu & PPAP Coasters Giveaway!

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With the global success of Piko-Taro’s “PPAP” towards the end of 2016, it seems like he has been everywhere! A cafe near Tokyo Sky Tree was opened in November and from February 4th to 19th of 2017, Sapporo PARCO department store in Hokkaido has launched a limited time series of collaboration items in their food court FOODIES MARKET!

Here are the items being offered!

KAJITSU CLUB has a pineapple donut placed atop a cup of apple juice for 800 yen.


SALT MODERATE Garlic Shrimp combines the taste of their homemade lemonade with apple and pineapple. It pairs nicely with their popular roast beef rice bowl for the economical price of 900 yen!


North Continent HOTDOG Stand skewers ham, pickles, and pâté with Arima sansho pepper sauce on the side for their “Pico Pinchos”. A single order is 300 yen and a double is 500 yen.


GARAKUPAN ‘s “Pen Pineapple Apple Pan” combines grilled apple and pineapple slices to their curry bread for 723 yen.


Gelateria MIRTILLO‘s “Pie Pineapple Apple Pie” features gelato with apple pie and their homemade pineapple sauce. It comes in Type-1 (420 yen), Type-2 (480 yen), or Type-3 (540 yen) varieties.


Get a slight buzz going with Crunchy Nuts Room‘ “Piko-Taro Horoyoi Set” which combines the hoppy flavor of Piko-Taro PiPAP beer with the salty konbu flavor of nuts. It is available in M for 900 yen or L for 1,300 yen.


CHAI STAND CHAICO offers up a new way to enjoy chai with their “Pen-Choco-Piko-Chai” which includes chocolate “pens” which can be melted in the chai for 390 yen.


monte adds apple and pineapple compote to rice and milk-flavored soft serve to create their limited edition “Pine-Pineapple-Parfait PPAP Version” for 580 yen.


For a limited time only YAMANEKO_BAR_SANDWICHES adds pineapple and apple compote to their popular baguette sandwich for the “PPAP Baguette (Pineapple, Apple Compote)”. Available in S (594 yen) or M (778 yen), it can also be made into a set with a drink and roast potatoes for an additional 216 yen.


Asian Deli Gapao Meshi PARCO branch offers sandwich with popular thai food Gapao. Ga”PA”o and double “P”an (bread in Japanese)…PPAP!


During the time of the PPAP x FOODIES MARKET collaboration campaign, a limited amount of PPAP coasters will be distributed with each order, but you must want to complete set of all 3, right?

We are lucky to get the set of 3 coasters for 3 readers! Thanks PARCO and Pico-Taro! Apply now and get this exclusively limited PPAP item!


Address : PARCO Sapporo, 3-3 Minami, 1 Jōnishi, Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō

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