Trailer Video & Behind the Scenes Photos for ‘Sekai no Owari no Izukoneko’ Unveiled!

Trailer Video & Behind the Scenes Photos for ‘Sekai no Owari no Izukoneko’ Unveiled!

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Many well-known idols have been gathered for the creation of the movie ‘Sekai no Owari no Izukoneko’. The trailer video and on-set photos for the new movie have been publically released. It has now been confirmed that ‘Sekai no owari no izukoneko’ (showing in theatres nation-wide from March 7th) in which solo idol Izukoneko plays the lead role, will be screened at the 2015 Yuubari International Fantastic Film Festival’s ‘Forecast division’. The movie’s trailer was released on January 23rd.

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Izukoneko’s producer Sakurai Kenta is leading the movie’s music production while Shinsei Kamatte-chan heads the role of Screenplay director. In addition, Takeuching and comic book writer Nishijima Daisuke manage a variety of the movie’s key responsibilities.

Not only Izukoneko, but also many other heartthrob idols play a part in the new movie ‘Sekai no owari no izukoneko’. Aonami Jun, Midorikawa Momoko, Shishido Rumi, Ano, Chiffon and Yonapi (from ‘Yurumerumo!’), MC HIME, MC MIRI, MC HIKARU (from ‘Rhymeberry’) Soumoto Kaori (from Maison book girl) and Shinozaki Kokoro are just to name a few. The girls can be seen talking light-heartedly, taking and sending photos of each other on their phones, and just getting along well together at school overall. You can check out the full version of the photo shoot and the on-set report here:








The movie takes place in Tokyo in the near future where an infectious disease of unknown origin is spreading; making it no longer possible for people to live out there lives together as they once did. Most people choose to migrate to the west of Japan (the Kansai region) and to make matters worse; a meteorite is closing in on Earth. Amongst no hope of a bright future, Itsuko, a group of young girls sing of how there is still hope because they are alive and stream their performance on the Internet for all to see. Some days later Itsuko meet a mysterious girl. Sure enough, it’s a story that will have viewers questioning the fate of the world. The movie embraces dark and heavy themes; how the idols will act out these themes is something that many of us are very much looking forward to seeing!


Translated by Cherly Coyle

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