Rhymeberry Roll Out the MV for “Tokyo Chewing Gum”!

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Rhymeberry Roll Out the MV for “Tokyo Chewing Gum”!

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Rhymeberry hit the streets and keep it moving in the MV for their new single “Tokyo Chewing Gum” (release date: July 12)!

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Dressed in red and white designs by bedsidedrama, the renewed lineup of Rhymeberry take to the streets of Tokyo and battle MCs from the UK, Brazil, and the USA. This is their first release since the addition of new member MC YUIKA. The lyrics are by the Kamisuzuki Brothers and Ryoji Saito (P.O.P), who also composed the music.

“Tokyo Chewing Gum” will be released in a limited edition and a regular edition.

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Tokyo Chewing Gum [Limited Edition]

Tokyo Chewing Gum [Regular Edition]

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