Seiko Oomori 1st Anniversary and Birthday Event Report!

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Seiko Oomori 1st Anniversary and Birthday Event Report!

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Seiko Oomori had her “Debut 1st Anniversay and Birthday Event” on September 18th which was the exact day of both her birthday and her debut. This was held at Loft Shinjuku and many fans came to celebrate.

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The event started at 19 o’clock. Many people came to liven up the atmosphere like Paipaidekami, Natsu no Mamono, Johnny Ookuradaijin of Suichu Sore wa Kurushii, Masahiro Naoe of Carnation, and Mai Tsukamoto.

seikooomori-birthday-aniversary-event-02 seikooomori-birthday-aniversary-event-06

And finally at Seiko’s turn, she first performed “Noroi wa Mizuiro” and “Amai“. She commented “Today’s concert is like showing off my friends. I often see people saying ‘This is my last concert before my graduation’ and I think today’s my last one before giving birth to my baby. It’s also my first live as an 28 year old. I never imagined it to be like this.” She then performed “Natsubate“, “Kimi to Eiga“,and “Handmade Home“. Her and the audience sang together in “Zettai Shojo“, and “Date wa Yameyou“. Her last song was “Kirakira” and said “See you next time” and ended her stage.


Her live DVD and Blu-ray will be on sale next month, October 7th. Check it out and let’s all wait for her return!

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