Birthday Plates in Japan: Celebrate Special Occasions with Elaborate Dessert Plates

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Birthday Plates in Japan: Celebrate Special Occasions with Elaborate Dessert Plates

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How do you celebrate birthdays? In Japan, the spirit of celebration is strong—and costly. It’s popular among people to take their friends and family out to a restaurant and order them a surprise plate. So what is a birthday plate? It’s a special custom plate, usually dessert at the end of the meal, made especially for someone’s birthday. It might sound like an ordinary gesture of friendship, but you’ll be surprised at the extravagance and quality of some of these plates.

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This café in Shibuya is a popular dinner spot for couples and friends, with their cozy interior filled with canopies and lights for a romantic night out. To top it off, they offer the option of an exquisite birthday plate drawn by hand—an incredibly detailed plate of chocolate art that promises to impress everyone at the table.

and people website:

cafe croix

It’s always the thought that counts, and you can count on cafe croix to present a unique birthday plate befitting of the birthday guest. Their specialty is in creating original designs made specially for each person, whether it’s a drawing of a favorite character or a special illustration made by request. Anime and Disney characters are highly popular requests, so you can check out their Instagram to see their gallery of plates! Their birthday plates are a beautiful presentation of colors made with extreme skill, so you can expect the most photogenic birthday treat possible.

cafe croix website:


The restaurant itself is like a museum filled with antique treasures and stylish decorations, so it’s no wonder that the birthday plate at Solomons is one of its masterpieces. If it can’t fit on a single plate, Solomons takes their surprise one step further and uses the entire table. Dessert is literally drawn onto the table itself, becoming a gigantic artwork dedicated to the birthday diner. They call this the F.O.Y.T—finish on your table!

Solomons website:

Alice in an old castle

Turn your birthday surprise into a magical adventure and take your friend to a whole new world! This Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant will make sure you have a fairy tale of a time party. The surreal atmosphere makes for an unforgettable meal, and is made complete with their Alice in Wonderland birthday plate that comes straight out of a fantasy world.

Alice in an old castle website:

Plenty of restaurants make dessert plates carefully crafted for a sweet birthday surprise. But what if the birthday person doesn’t have a sweet tooth? No worries—these places in Tokyo offer a unique birthday plate experience that will satisfy all savory food lovers.


Everybody loves pizza. How about making it extra special and getting it customized with a birthday message? Nothing says true friendship more than getting a pizza lover their very own custom pizza, with a message dedicated to them with pepperoni. The best part is that everyone can get a slice—it isn’t a real party without pizza, after all.

PIZZA SLICE website:

HONA azabu

If you’re in Japan, you may as well celebrate with the most local birthday plate possible. This okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) restaurant in Roppongi promises to make their guests smile with their okonomiyaki birthday plate, complete with a personal message. Take a bite out of tradition and make it a uniquely Japanese trat for your birthday dinner!

HONA azabu website:


This is for the meat lovers out there—an enormous, high-impact birthday cake made of premium meat. An intense twist on the traditional birthday cake, it’s guaranteed to make any celebration unforgettable. Customers can order a meat cake from a single layer to four, depending on the number of people. Give your friend the most impressive birthday gift with high-quality Wagyu beef.

Bonus: animate cafe


If your friend loves anime, you can make their dreams come true with animate cafe’s special cakes with their favorite manga or anime character printed right on top. This cake, for example, was printed with an image of characters from the popular anime “Dakaretai Otoko Ichii ni Odosarete Imasu”, Saijo Takato and Azumaya Junta, celebrating their birthday to get you in the mood. Their cakes are available to order online. Have a friend who loves “Yuri!!! On ICE”? You’re in luck!

animate cafe website:


Speaking of anime-inspired birthdays, did you know otaku have impressive ways of celebrating their favorite characters’ birthdays too? Check out this article here if you ever want some inspiration.

In Japan there’re endless possibilities to celebrate your favorite people’s birthdays, and birthday plates are a guaranteed success. You can be sure that the restaurants here will devote their time and craft in making a memorable treat, whether it’s an elaborate display of sweets or a hardcore meat cake.

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