Seiko Oomori Reveals Whole the Secrets of Her New Album “TOKYO BLACK HOLE”

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Seiko Oomori Reveals Whole the Secrets of Her New Album “TOKYO BLACK HOLE”

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Seiko Oomori unveiled the details for her new album “TOKYO BLACK HOLE” to be released March 23rd. This is the second full album for her after major debut from avex, and she says she worked on this album to reflect things happening in the current era thorough her works.

New artist photo

New artist photo

TOKYO BLACK HOLE will be released in three different types ; limited edition named “Ana-ban” with DVD and a special book in addition to CD, “Kuro-ban” with CD and DVD, and “Tokyo-ban” only with CD.

For the most exclusive version “Ana-ban”, famous manga writer Hiroya Oku, who is known as writing “GANTZ” “Inuyashiki” or “HEN”, draw the illustration of the artwork. It was the first time for him to draw the illustration for CD artwork.


Ana-ban artwork

Seiko Oomori requested him to draw the illustration as “Please draw a girl who’s like living in Chuo-line area, sexy, but look soft and cute!”, and he made it with this attractive girl holding Gibson’s Hummingbird, which Seiko Oomori herself is actually using.

The book included with Ana-ban is written by Seiko Oomori and it overs 200 pages!  The theme of the book is “One month until Seiko Oomori giving birth to her first baby”, and analyzing comment for “TOKYO BLACK HOLE” by Ryo Asai, who won “Naoki” prize (Japanese literary award) for “Nanimono” in 2013, will be included in the book as well.

02. Magic Mirror
03. “i” kill the time 4 you、、♡
04. Cho Shinsedai Castella Standard MAGIC Maji KISS
07. Sacchan no Sexy Curry
08. Gekiteki JOY! Before After
09. ■uck me、■uck me
10. Dramatic Shiseikatsu
11. Mushuusei Romantic ~Encho-sen~
12. Kyushoku Touban-sei Hantai
13. Shojo Manga Shonen Manga

The contents for DVD
01. “I” kill the time 4 you、、♡(Music Video)
02. “I” kill the time 4 you、、♡ (Behind the scene)
03. TOKYO BLACK HOLE(Music Video)
04. TOKYO BLACK HOLE(Behind the scene)
05. Senno Tour Ofuton Seiko-chan
06. Musuko Camera
07. Magic Mirro(Shinjiku Kourin ver.)





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