Seiko Oomori Reveals Contents for Her New Album “Sennou”

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Seiko Oomori Reveals Contents for Her New Album “Sennou”

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A serious threat to Japanese girl’s pop culture, Seriko Oomori has revealed the contents of her new album “Sennou” (brainwashing in English) releasing December 3rd.


Artwork for Type▲

The album will be released in three types: type▲ contains only CD with 13 songs,  type★ CD + DVD of her documentary video and MVs, and type■ the CD + DVD of live concert from Tokyo Cinema Club in October 3rd. The artwork for the CD was taken in N.Y. by a popular cameraman Masafumi Sanai. Additionaly, for type ■, a special photo book with 80 pages is contained!

Seiko also announced the details of upcoming domestic concerts “♡Bakuretsu! LOVE LOVE Sennou Tour Coming with Nana chan♡“. During the concert tour, she will perform at 13 places in Japan, including concert hall, cafe, and ex-strip club space.

The details of 13 songs
01. Zettai Zetsubou Zekkoucho
02. Imitation Girl
03. Kyuru Kyuru
04. Nostalgic J-POP
05. Nana-chan No Saisei Kouza
06. Kodomo Ja Naimon 17
07. Noroi ha Mizuiro
08. Rock’n’Roll Paradise
09. Watashi ha Omoshiroi Zettai Omosiroi Tabun
10. Kiss me Kill me
11. Yakiniku Date
12. Date ha Yameyou
13. Omake♡Super Free Pop♡


Sennou -Album [Type▲]

Momoiro Yobanashi Dai Ni Ya (2)
Sennou -Album [Type★]

Sennou -Album [Type■]

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